Bonnie McFarlane to Talk About Her Book in One Hour Unmasked Episode In Front of Live Audience

bonnie mcfarlane unmasked

Comedian, filmmaker and now author Bonnie McFarlane will be talking about her brand new book, “You’re Better Than Me” on an upcoming episode of Unmasked with Ron Bennington. Unmasked, is a series of uncensored conversations with the world’s greatest comedic voices, and is taped before a live studio audience. The episode will be taped at the Village Underground– one of New York’s best comedy venues, on March 15th at 8pm. AND EVERYONE WILL GET A FREE COPY OF BONNIE’S BOOK! 

Bonnie is one of the sharpest, fastest and funniest comics in New York. Not only does she routinely kill performing stand up all over the country, but she also co-hosts a podcast and radio show “My Wife Hates Me” with her husband Rich Vos. Bonnie directed the comedy documentary film, “Women Aren’t Funny” which looks at a myriad of issues that women comedians put up with, particularly on the road, and answers the age old question of whether women are funny. McFarlane’s latest project is a page-turning, brutally honest and fascinating memoir “You’re Better Than Me” that details her life from growing up on a farm in Canada to pushing her way into the comedy scene, to meeting and marrying Rich Vos and beyond. It’s pretty brilliant (just ask her publisher Anthony Bourdain), and she’ll be talking about the book, the documentary, her stand up career, and being married to one of the other funniest fastest comics in New York- Rich Vos, when she and Bennington sit down in front of an audience at the Village Underground to tape the hour long interview on March 15th at 8pm.

Bonnie was a previous guest on Unmasked along with Rich Vos, but this will be her first time appearing solo.

The Unmasked series documents the careers of the very best comedy writers, directors, filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, satirists, political comedians, comedic musicians and of course, stand up comedians in the business. With over 125 episodes so far, Unmasked is a veritable archive of the greatest comedy of our time. Past Unmasked guests have included Joan Rivers, Bob Newhart, Amy Schumer, Dan Aykroyd, Simon Pegg, Tracy Morgan, Paul Feig, Jim Jefferies, Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcat Goldthwait, Louis C.K., David Brenner, Brian Regan, Patrice O’Neal and over 100 more comedy greats.

Request tickets fast because this is going to be a major event and tickets will go fast. If you would like to join Ron and Bonnie, here’s how to request tickets:

  • Make sure you know you can be in midtown Manhattan on time before you request tickets. You will need to be at The Village Underground by 7:30pm on March 15th.
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