Bonnie McFarlane Performs Stand Up on The Tonight Show

Thursday night Bonnie McFarlane returned to late night sharing the stage with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. Announcing herself as a feminist and a vegan, Bonnie grabbed the crowd early and crushed with a killer set. We loved Bonnie’s 2016 appearance on Colbert’s Late Show but her Tonight Show set topped it with great material about feminism, raising kids in the digital age, and the perfect explanation for why men still need to pay for dates.

This year in our end of year comedy awards we named Bonnie McFarlane the most likely successor to the Louis C.K. “autuer” of comedy throne (without having a sex scandal), with her wide range of sharp comedy skills- killing regularly on New York’s comedy stages, creating short films, documentaries, co-hosting one of the funniest podcasts with husband Rich Vos, and she proved herself to be an outstanding author with the release of her memoir-so-far, You’re Better Than Me in 2016. She’s also one of our favorite people to follow on Twitter, get on it @BonnieMcFarlane.

Watch the set!!

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