Bill Murray Toasted Green Brook Star’s Head


After Mahershala Ali won the Golden Globe award Sunday night, and back stage Bill Murray wanted to give a toast to his performance in the movie Green Brook. The star of Green Brook, Moonlight, True Detective and more doesn’t drink but Murray was undeterred and decided if he couldn’t clink glasses with the performer, he would have to clink something. So he toasted his head.

Mahershala Ali (whose full name is actually Mahershalalhashbaz) shared the story on Ellen this week, and shared a video clip of the toast. “Bill toasted his glass on Viggo’s head, and then Linda and then toasts on my head, and Vodka just spills all over my face and is running down and into my eyes and burning, and in my mouth” he said laughing. “Just hot acid rolling down my face but hey it’s Bill Murray, so…”

Jump to 3:20 to hear the story.

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