Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies Smash the Internet

When two stand up comedy giants get together to talk politics, it’s big news, and Tuesday night, was the first comedian to guest on The Show.

Burr took a friendly shot at Jefferies right off the bat, saying that people like to get their news from people with accents “who evidently come from these perfect countries and just shit all over ours.”

Burr said he’s worried about robots, social media, microchipping- “all of this stuff that ten years ago people thought I was out of my mind, and now you’re just seeing it happen,” he said referring to the place in Wisconsin where people agreed to get microchipped “for convenience.”  Burr is worried about how micro chipping is going to change the way people get bullied.

Jefferies on the other hand, doesn’t even consider himself a big internet guy.  He’s concerned about how the internet has affected society- but not necessarily for the reasons you might think.  “I think we need a little more China in our internet,” Burr agreed.

The conversation moves into talk about monkeys ripping your face off, racism online, watching the news and Jim shares some personal porn stories. If you’re wondering where Bill gets his news from, he says he finds out what happens from “people correcting me on Twitter.”

Watch the full 17 minute clip below, and tune in to the Jim Jefferies Show every Tuesday night.

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