What Does Bill Burr Say About Hitler In the Trailer to His New Hour?

What Does Say About Hitler In the Trailer to His New Hour?

Well for starters, Burr compares Hitler to Michael Jordon. If it’s considered bad form to bring up Hitler, then Bill Burr is in really bad form. Not only does he talk about Hitler in his new special- it made the trailer. He’s also taking on cruise ship vacationers and has the idea to sink cruise ships to help with population control. These aren’t nice thoughts, but they are very very funny.

Recorded before a sold-out crowd at Nashville’s iconic Ryman Auditorium, Burr’s “Walk Your Way Out” also tackles celebrity fat shaming and the myth of healthy fast-food.

Bill Burr’s new hour special drops on Netflix in less than one week and we have no doubt that it’s going to land on top ten lists everywhere in 2017. Watch the trailer and plan to spend Tuesday, January 31st watching Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out exclusively on Netflix.

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