Bill and Ted Are Officially Back!

Last May we promised you Bill and Ted 3 really really was in the works, 27 years after Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey began a divisive love hate relationship with fans of the original Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. We hadn’t heard much since…until now. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter dropped a YouTube video thanking the fans because they say this summer is the summer that Bill & Ted 3 finally starts production.

We want to say thank you to you the fans, because it looks like we might actually hopefully make a movie this summer, Bill and Ted 3: Face the Music,” the two actors said in alternating words.

They didn’t say much else, but last May we had heard that installment three would center on two middle-aged men living an ordinary life until a time traveler shakes them awake, reminding them of their destiny to save the world through music. Of course this leads to another adventure through history to bring harmony to the Universe with a little help from their daughters.

The message came via Orion Pictures and with a release date of 8.21.20. One year and five months to wait.

Alex Winter tweeted the announcement inspiring an offer from Rick Overton to play Rufus. No takers there yet, but Winter did confirm that Bill Sadler is back playing death in the new sequel

The responses were really positive with a lot of “Be Excellents” and “Party Ons.”  Station!

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