Big Jay Oakerson Skips Stand Up, Goes Straight to Panel on Conan

Last night, the “inherently filthy” Big made his debut- an event that has been a long time coming. Conan’s producers have wanted to get Jay on the show for a long time, but the man who the New York Times called “the master of the dirty joke”, simply couldn’t find anything in his comedy that was TV-safe. So despite repeated requests, Oakerson reluctantly declined until Conan’s people finally lured Jay to the show with a panel spot. Jay slayed with Conan while Bonfire and Legion of Skanks fans around the country howled hearing Conan struggle through plugging the two shows (he oddly did better with LOS than he did reading the name “Bonfire”).

Everyone knows how much we love Jay, so way across the country in New York City, we got together with some comedy friends to watch Jay make his Conan debut. Nobody could hear the audience reactions because they were all watching like fans, laughing and cheering.

If you missed it, we have Jay’s appearance here, in the form of three clips from last night’s show, and you can watch them all below. The first clip explains in more detail why Jay has never done stand up on Conan.  Scroll down after that to hear Jay describe a “Citi Bike” brawl with an elderly man, and a hysterical high school story that led to what may have been his first time getting a laugh on stage.


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