Big Brothers Season Finale!

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Big Brothers 12!

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Power of Vito and Chris Stanley are back for the final time to talk about Big Brother 19. The live finale was exciting and ended with Paul once again coming in second place, for those of you keeping track, the second time in a row.

Josh, the “Human Bean” from Miami pulled a move like Ian Terry from Big Brother 14 and used the bitter jury to his advantage and beat Paul in a 5-4 vote. Paul refused to own up to his amazing game and played when questioned by the jury and instead continued to lie to everyone. Normally, this would seem like the reason Paul lost the game, but this “bitter jury” is unprecedented. Elena was straightforward about being bitter and Alex said she was going to vote for Paul until she was told in the Jury House that she was a “joke” to Paul and he talked behind her back the entire game. Paul lost the game from overplaying and what some would call “bad jury management,” but everyone will remember he played an incredible game with what he was dealt, but had to deal with the issues of what may go down as the most bitter jury of all time
Cody won America’s Favorite Player because like the Jury, we had a very very bitter fanbase who wanted all of the houseguests to be confused at the result. If you are a Dr. Will fan (and who isn’t) and have some time, go check out his interviews from the Big Brother backyard on Facebook Live after the finale.

Thank you, everyone who listened all season, we will be back for Celebrity Big Brother this winter. Hopefully, we don’t see a similar insane situation where Lil Bow Wow played the better game, but Gary Busey just won because of a bitter jury and his great social game. Also a special thanks to Adam Poch for becoming a part of the show, please go to, and go through all of his rankings for this season and every other season he has written for with great insight to the game from someone who was in there one season as long as almost anyone can really be. He’s on twitter @HeavyMetalTeddy.

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