Big Brothers! BB21 Episode 8: The Zingbot Zingeth

Power of Vito and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) give you the best recap you can get, this week in Big Brother with about a month left in what seems like a never-ending season.:

This Weeks Topics:

·         HoH: Who is the HoH targeting and why this is kind of a shock. Is it an idiotic decision?

·         Jackson: Is his edit getting better or is he just acting better? Does CBS need his edit to be good to have a hero for the season.

·         Zingbot: Are his sings getting meaner and meaner every year? Do these little jokes somehow effect the game and Houseguest opinion on each other?

·         Adam’s Big Brother Network Rankings: Christie is Number 1, why she gets the title this week even if Adam doesn’t have her as a favorite for BB21 winner.

·         Prank Week: Nicole has become the comic relief for the show with Kat gone.

·         Finally Getting Our Double Eviction – Is this the best time for one? are the houseguests expecting it at all?

·         Long Season – Still a Month to go

·         Jokers Rankings Updates


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