Big Brothers 3: Goodbye Cody, We Hardly Knew Ye

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Episode 3: Goodbye Cody, We Hardly Knew Ye

Spoilers Included Below:

After an exciting week one in the Big Brother house everything has really calmed down. Now that Jillian was voted out and Cody realized his alliance turned its back on him after he lied to them, Cody and Jess are on their own.

With Paul in power his sole mission was to take out Cody through a backdoor. Paul won HoH and put up Alex and Josh as pawns. He then had everyone come to an agreement on either throwing the Veto to him or using it to take off one of the pawns and nominate Cody. The only hitch in this plan was Ramses who was forced to nominate himself after receiving the curse from Paul’s 3 weeks of safety temptation.

At the Power of Veto comp, Ramses turned some people against him by going full force and obviously not throwing the competition. If Ramses were to win he would have been able to take himself off the block without there being a replacement nominee. Paul ended up winning the Veto comp and sweeping the week and keeping his plan to get rid of Cody in place.

At the Eviction Ceremony, Cody got voted out, but Paul had a plan in motion to have 2 people vote for Cody to stay to create some distrust in the house. Christmas was one of those people as she voted from her hospital bed. Alex ended up winning the HoH competition which was the wall comp, a staple of Big Brother.

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