Big Brother & the Holding Kompany Podcast Premieres

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“Was the messiah able to rise again? Is America ready to eat up a whole dish of cornbread?  Find out what we think live on BIG BROTHER and the HOLDING KOMPANY!”

That’s how the all new all amazing Big Brother and the Holding Kompany Podcast begins. It’s our first podcast brought to you by The Interrobang, and  it’s going to cover everything relating to the new fall season of CBS’s Big Brother: Over the Top, the all streaming fall season.

Co-host Chris Stanley says “this is the most important podcast you’ll listen to.”   Here’s how to Download Big Brother & the Holding Kompany on iTunes so you don’t miss a minute.

Your hosts, Chris Stanley and “Power of Vito” Calise from Sirius XM’s Bennington Show will bring you new episodes every week covering their favorite reality show, and the only show that puts a bunch of strangers in a house under a 24/7 live feed and forces them to make and break alliances while trying to be the last person standing with grand prize.

There will also be special guests who ride along during the 10 week run.

Big Brother is all about “expecting the unexpected”, and co-host “Power of Vito” Calise says you should expect the same from Big Brother & The Holding Kompany. Nobody can make fun of something like people who love it and Vito and Chris will be making fun of all the ridiculousness that comes with locking people in a house for 10 weeks.

Don’t miss a single week. The first episode is already up.  In Episode 1, Vito and Chris look back at the first day of Big Brother Over The Top and talk about what they like with the new format, what they think of the first competition and their first impressions of the new house guests. Who they like, who they don’t and who can possibly win the whole thing after the first few days in the house.

You can hear the first episode now download, subscribe to, support and share Big Brother & the Holding Kompany on iTunes today!

Don’t Have iTunes?  Listen Here!


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