Big Brother and the Holding Kompany Episode 9: Ballsmasher City

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Big Brother and the Holding Kompany Episode 9: Ballsmasher City


On this episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany, “Power of” Vito and Chris discuss the end of Kryssie’s HoH reign and whether one of her nominations went home. Kryssie failed in the end to keep one of her best friends in the house as Neeley ended up getting evicted and Scott and Whitney stayed. The guys dive into America’s power this season.

They discuss how America really is controlling this game, as America’s nominee has now gone home for the fourth straight week. Chris and Vito both argue why it has helped and hurt the game and what they think America’s power should really be. The next HoH competition also happened in the short few days and the new HoH is Danielle.

The most interesting part of the HoH competition though is when someone in production yelled, “Oh no, Whitney” when she put in the wrong answer in the final round of the competition. A few house guests overheard production and started to go off on them. The guys discuss this big issue that occurred in the house and why they think production may have been rooting for Whitney. They also discussed America’s Care Package for the week, where the winner of the care package gets to cancel out 3 eviction votes made by the house guests.

You will hear who the guys think will get this huge care package and how it may benefit one side of the house. Vito and Chris also give who their predictions for nominations will be this week and who they think might be going home. As we near the half way point of this game, the guys also give their vote for who they think should win the game and who they want to win the game. Make sure you listen to this episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany.



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