Big Brother and the Holding Kompany Episode 6 Now Available! Recycling The Plastics

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“Power of” Vito Calise and Chris Stanley are back to give you all of the updates you need to keep up with Big Brother Over the Top. Thursday to Tuesday is a lifetime in the Big Brother house. The guys continue to let you know what sites like the Big Brother subreddit, 4chan, Jokers Updates and the vast BB Twitter community are saying about the show.

The fanbase is pretty split between the two sides of the house which is pretty cool. Usually Big Brother fans gravitate towards one side to root for and the other turns into villains, but this year the fans are split on who they like, The Plastics (Alex, Morgan, Shelby, Whitney and Scott) vs the Late Night Crew (Justin, Kryssie, Jason, Neeley, Shane, and Danielle). Although, Jason came in a heavy fan favorite, it seems like the Jokers Updates polls have him falling lower and lower in popularity every day while his Twitter popularity remains high.

After last week when Plastics friend Monte went home because of America’s vote, it seemed like they were going to get steamrolled the rest of the year, but Scott won HoH and is keeping his group in the game after being forced to officially side with them after everyone realized he voted against Danielle to stay. The Have Not room is full of drama with the incredibly annoying showmance of Shane and Danielle making out in it and causing incredible discomfort to Shelby and Alex who are forced to share with them (Shane isn’t even a have not but after two weeks he cannot be away from Danielle for more than 30 minutes at a time).

America chose to give Scott the care package; making it the first time Scott has probably ever won a popularity contest. Find out who America nominated, who Scott nominated and what happened at the Power of Veto competition…PLUS a special guest comes back to the house this week to host the next Head of Household competition (no…NOT Jeff) and the guys give their prediction for who will walk out the house this week. Download, subscribe and give a good review!

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