Bert Kreischer Reveals His Favorite Hangover Cure: Running

Since the invention of alcohol, humanity has been searching for a genuine hangover cure to no avail, but during a recent interview with Runner’s World, (yes that says Runner’s World), Bert Kreischer revealed that he’s found a way to ease the pains of a Kreischer-generated hangover. So pay attention if you’ve ever been plagued with the after affects of too much to drink.

Kreischer said that hitting the road- with your feet- is the best cure for a hangover. “I’d have like four glasses of wine, walk four miles, get a nice little buzz, sweat out all the impurities, get in bed and would not wake up with a hangover at all,” he told Runner’s World.

For those of you who don’t follow social media and podcasting closely, Kreischer is a running man now, a move he said was inspired by Ari Shaffir and Tom Segura. He was in New York promoting his new Showtime special when Shaffir told him point blank, “You’re fucking disgusting.” That led to the weight loss competition #WhoIsFat between Segura and Kreischer on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Kreischer lost 40 pounds (and the bet) and started running. He says he is up to about a seven and a half minute mile. He can hit seven minutes, but not comfortably. His regimen of choice? It isn’t water. It’s Tito’s and soda, “and fucking mileage.”

But now, he’s looking for yet another kick in the ass. Bert says he’s looking for someone to challenge him to a marathon. “I need someone to be like, ‘I can beat Bert in a marathon.’ And then my Mickey Mantle genes will kick in and I’ll start going, ‘No you can’t. You can’t beat me, because I’ll beat myself.’”


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