Benningtons Hold Eighth Annual Banzai Contest During Super Bowl This Year

It’s the eight year our friends at SiriusXM’s Bennington Show will give away a big prize on Super Bowl Sunday (or two or three) during the annual #BANZAI interception contest. This year, you get another chance to win.  This year’s big prize is an official NFL regulation ball signed by the one and only Super Bowl LVII Champ Nick Foles.

Here’s How to win the Ball:

While you’re watching the Super Bowl this year, keep your Twitter nearby. When the first interception happens during the Super Bowl, tweet #Banzai to the Bennington Twitter account: @BenningtonShow. The first one received by the official Bennington Twitter feed referee wins the signed football.

A few rules and pay attention so you’re not disqualified:

  • If you tweet #banzai before the first interception, you are either a dick or stupid, or trying to cheat by tweeting every time the QB throws the ball, and therefore disqualified from the game. So don’t get trigger happy or tweet it during every long pass.
  • You have to use the hashtag #BANZAI spelled exactly like that. You have to tweet it @BenningtonShow
  • All judges decisions are final, and the winner is the first person who shows up in the @BenningtonShow feed, from as they see it. If your feed shows something different, that doesn’t make you right.

Keep an eye on The Bennington Show official Twitter account @BenningtonShow, there’s a very good chance they will decide to put another prize on the line for a second or even third banzai contest.

Good luck and enjoy the game!

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