Ben Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland and Andrew Orvedahl Will Star in TruTV’s First Scripted Comedy

Adam Cayton-Holland andrew orvedahl Ben Roy

TruTV keeping its commitment to more comedy programming. The network has ordered a 10 episode season of the sitcom pilot “Those Who Can’t” and we can’t wait to watch it.  The show stars Ben Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland and Andrew Orvedahl. If you don’t know those names, it’s time you learned them.  The three comedians also make up the Grawlix comedy troupe which performs in Denver, and everyone who knows comedy in a 100 mile radius from Denver knows them as well as you know Louis CK.   These guys are the first round draft picks and we are looking forward to seeing them in the big leagues.

The new comedy will be set in the mile high city and follows three high school teachers who are frustrated with their jobs in the public school system and are described as being as screwed up as the kids that they teach. Maria Thayer is also joining the cast of “Those Who Can’t” as the school librarian and can’t help herself from joining the already disruptive staff.

The series was once under consideration by Amazon Studios during their pilot season where Amazon users vote on which pilots should be made into a series. The pickup of the sitcom by TruTV is part of the network’s effort to expand its comedy line up which fits with its new slogan, “Way More Fun”.

“Those Who Can’t” is scheduled to premiere on TruTV in 2016.

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