Being a Dad Changed Aaron Berg’s Comedy: Here’s How

Photo: Kat Burdick

The first Monday of a new month is on the horizon and with it comes our next Comedy Records Showcase! Once again we’ll present some of the top comedians from the Toronto and New York comedy scenes at New York Comedy Club.

The February edition will feature a fresh-faced father in Aaron Berg. Originally from Toronto, the Queens-based comic recently became a first time parent along with fellow comedian and wife, Christine Meehan-Berg. As their daughter, Piper turns five months old, Aaron has been adjusting to balancing comedy with fatherhood.

Interrobang recently spoke with Berg about the impact becoming a parent has had on his career.

Photo: Kat Burdick

The Interrobang: What’s been the biggest change to your comedy career since becoming a dad?

Aaron Berg: I’m mature now. Even though I do some material that offends it comes from a wiser place because I’m a dad to a daughter. Audiences are only briefly offended and then they realize I’m a pretty good guy and I don’t really mean the horrible things I say. I feel justified and vindicated and like karma is a real thing.

The Interrobang: What surprise has fatherhood brought to your comedy that you weren’t expecting?

Aaron Berg: Fatherhood has made me feel complete. Some people are just focused on their career and that’s noble. But as you get older and more experienced in the game you see that the happiest guys are the family guys. A lot of the female comics I bond with are moms too. Being a parent completed me.

The Interrobang: How has becoming a father impacted your material?

Aaron Berg: It’s the same old nonsense but it’s killing and I’m adding to it all the time. I haven’t thrust into that, “my wife makes me take out the garbage” bullshit but I do call her a retard onstage, so that’s fun.

The Interrobang: Do you think having a daughter has influenced your current comedy differently than if you’d had a son?

Aaron Berg: Sure, I can make fun of the Women’s March. I’m not turning into a male feminist because I’m anti-rape. I’m more a man than I’ve ever been, but I want my daughter to have a great world to grow up in which is why I’m so blessed to live in America…. guns!

The Interrobang: With you and Christine both working as comedians, do you hope your daughter follows the same path?

Aaron Berg: My daughter will not be a Pauly Shore but she is allowed to be a comic if female bodybuilding is full.

The Interrobang: Are there any industry peers you’ve looked to for guidance for parenting?

Aaron Berg: A few like Laurie Kilmartin, Bonnie Mcfarlane, Rich Vos and Jim Florentine.

The Interrobang: What’s been the best moment of being a father so far?

Aaron Berg: There are so many. Making Piper belly laugh at crazy voices takes the cake so far. Also having her watch Ari Shaffir and understand what good standup is. She was watching him and was really focused, but she could have just been trying to figure out why his nose is so big.

The Interrobang: How do you see fatherhood influencing your comedy moving forward?

Aaron Berg: It makes me want to make a lot more money but that all takes care of itself if I’m doing the work. I’ll also continue to be filthy but may do a Disney movie down the road to even out what she sees when she Googles me.

The Interrobang: What advice would you give to comedians who are about to become parents?

Aaron Berg: It is simply the best. Do it. But have consent. And do not use the claw as foreplay!!!

You can check out Berg’s pursuit of Disney fame as he performs at our Comedy Records Showcase this Monday (February 5) at 7PM. Tickets can be purchased at for $10 with the promo code NAFTA.

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