Barry Crimmins and Kurt Metzger in Frightening Hit and Run with 18 Wheeler


Dream-team comedy duo Barry Crimmins and Kurt Metzger set out for the next leg of their You’re Making It Worse tour on Wednesday afternoon, with comedian Rob Mailloux and his girlfriend but they didn’t get far before having a pants-shittingly scary experience.

The comics along were driving from New York to Nashville for a Wednesday night show at Zanies when they had a run in with an 18-wheeler. During a call in to SiriusXM’s Bennington show, an obviously-shaken Crimmins described what happened. Crimmins was dozing off in one of the passenger seats when he felt the impact; “I opened up my eyes and the fuckin’ tire of the 18-wheeler was coming in my window — it broke the window and sprayed glass all over me.”

Crimmins said that the car appeared to be getting pulled under the truck, and he was convinced that he was “just going to gurgle and that would be it,” but by a stroke of luck, the car was spun out from under the truck and knocked out of harm’s way. The driver of the truck never stopped.

Luckily, everyone who was in the car is okay. Crimmins said that he seems to have gotten the worst of it and, as a result, will have to miss his dates in Nashville and Georgia for the remainder of the week. Metzger, who Crimmins said received a few bumps and bruises, will according to his Facebook page still be attending the shows in Savannah and Atlanta this Friday/Saturday, respectively.

Let us all thank our non-deities of choice that we didn’t just lose two of comedy’s best satirical voices right now, on the dawn of the Age of Trump.


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