Aziz Ansari’s Dad is Hooked on Acting

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Aziz Ansari is hitting it all over the place. Best selling book, selling out stand up shows all over the place, and now he’s got a new series out on Netflix that is getting rave reviews all over the place. He stopped by the Tonight Show to talk with Jimmy Fallon about the new series, Master of None.

Ansari said Netflix was a good fit for the project. Eric Wareheim plays Ansari’s token white friend, H. Jon Benjamin and Todd Barry are both in the show too, and Ansari cast his own parents as his parents on the show. He said his father enjoyed acting so much, that he wants to do more, but doesn’t want to have to work so hard. So anyone looking to cast someone in a commercial to play Aziz Ansari’s father, you know who to call.

Watch the entire series on Netflix starting tomorrow, November 6th.