June 23, 2016

Former Daily Show Correspondent: Talk Shows Have Gotten Too Angry

Brian Unger has seen the comedy explosion of the past two decades from the inside. As one of the first correspondents on The Daily Show, performing […]
March 31, 2016

Alan Alda Calls Horace and Pete One of the Best Things He’s Ever Seen

Alan Alda is best known as the star and a leading creative force on the perennial sitcom classic “MASH,” as well as his work in countless other movies and TV shows, including an Oscar-nominated turn in “The Aviator.” Yet his real lifelong passion has been science, and he found his greatest professional fulfillment as the host of the TV show “Scientific American Frontiers” for 14 years, exploring cutting-edge advances in science and technology.
December 1, 2015

Maz Jobrani Talks About Finding Comedy In Times of Terrorism

Maz Jobrani is one comedian with plenty to laugh about this year. His debut book, I’m Not A Terrorist But I’ve Played One On TV, hit the Los Angeles Times bestseller list, while his long-gestating dream project — the feature film “Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero” — had successful showings at comedy festivals nationwide en route to an impending release.
February 27, 2015

Allen Covert Talks About Upcoming Adam Sandler Summer Blockbuster Pixels, and Sandler’s Netflix Deal

You could say that Allen Covert has had a unique career for someone who is best-known for starring in the underground cult classic “Grandma’s Boy,” and has otherwise drawn most of his laughs from playing oddball supporting characters in Adam Sandler movies. An inner-circle level friend of Sandler’s ever since their days as roommates at New York University, he has been a key part of Happy Madison’s success in the film world, with 38 acting credits, 21 production credits, eight script credits and even eight of Sandler’s comedic songs partly in this name.
February 20, 2015

Bradley Whitford: It Was Fun, Exciting and Scary Taking On Transgender Role

After playing Josh Lyman for seven seasons on the classic TV series “The West Wing,” Bradley Whitford has been indelibly associated with that long-running role. But his new role as a transgender man named Mark who’s transforming into a woman named Marcy on the new Amazon.com sitcom “Transparent” has even more personal significance for him.
February 1, 2015

Former Stand-Up-Turned Filmmaker Mike Binder Explains The Message Behind “Black or White”

Race relations are known as the “third rail” in American discussions these days, the hottest of hot topics that people are afraid to discuss in detail […]
January 11, 2015

Comedian Jimmy Dore Says “There Is No Liberal in America”

Carl Kozlowski is the founder of www.radiotitans.com, and the co-host of its podcast, "The Campaign with Ernie Powell." Recently political comedian Jimmy Dore spoke with Ernie Powell and Carl and tore into some hot topics covering "The Interview", his anger at the media, Wall Street Bailouts and more. Excerpts from that conversation appear below.
November 23, 2014

Dana Carvey Says You Don’t Have to Be Left to Be Funny

Carl Kozlowski is the founder of www.radiotitans.com, and the host of its podcast, Kozversations, where he interviews top comics, actors, musicians, filmmakers and writers one on one about their careers. Recently Dana Carvey spoke with Carl Kozlowski on the Radio Titans show “Kozversations” for a lengthy career-spanning interview that covers his childhood and career start, as well as the origins of the Church Lady, Garth and Hans and Franz that includes brief riffs as each of those characters.
November 10, 2014

AGT Semi-Finalist Wendy Liebman Talks About the Deadly Car Accident That Inspired Her

Carl Kozlowski is the founder of www.radiotitans.com, and the host of its podcast, Kozversations, where he interviews top comics, actors, musicians, filmmakers and writers one on one about their careers. Recently he had comedian Wendy Liebman in to talk about comedy, including the story of her best gig ever, the comic who had the strongest influence on her early in her career, and how being on the receiving end of a DUI car wreck inspired her to audition for NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.
November 3, 2014

Al Madrigal Talks with Radio Titans

This week, the team at Radio Titans talked with Al Madrigal, Chief Latino Correspondent on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." Since 2011, Madrigal has helped Jon Stewart skewer some of the most ridiculous stories on the world news stage. And as a co-star on the NBC family sitcom “About a Boy,” he plays Andy, a married friend of the show’s lead character – a committed bachelor whose life is turned upside down when he befriends an odd boy and his single mother. But above all else, Madrigal is one of the most in-demand standup comedians in the country.
October 1, 2014

Tom Papa Talks About Working on “Behind the Candelabra”

Carl Kozlowski is a co-founder of www.radiotitans.com, and one of the hosts of Radio Titan's podcast, Grown Ass Men. Recently, the Grown Ass Men had comedian Tom Papa stop in to talk comedy. He told a some great stories, including one about working on "Behind the Candelabra", and one about the great Joan Rivers.