Atlanta’s Season Two Trailer Dropped Today

Everybody gotta eat.

When Atlanta hit FX with its first season in 2016, was confirmed as the real deal- a genuine auteur and multiple media artist. Atlanta’s first season nabbed two Golden Globe awards including Best Actor in a TV Comedy or Musical, and Best Musical or Comedy TV series and massive critical approval.The series stars playing a guy from Atlanta named Earl just trying to make it in the rap game with his rising-star rapping cousin known as Paper Boi. You don’t know where the show is taking you, some episodes focus on Earl, some Paper Boi, there is even an episode about a talk show that is basically a sketch comedy episode.

So there’s no reason for anyone to think they can guess what’s coming in the second season of Atlanta, and that’s the way the show’s creators prefer it. Today, FX gave fans a glimpse at the second season with a new trailer that doesn’t share too much, which is fine with us too- that’s the way we prefer our brilliant comedy tv series.

Season Two will go by the title “Atlanta: Robbin Season” which refers to that time right before Christmas where some people have some extra cash, and some people have extra needs. “It’s a very tense and desperate time,” Stephen Glover said during the TCA’s. “Our characters are in a desperate transition from their old lives to where they’re headed now. And robbin’ season is a metaphor to where we are now.”

Atlanta’s second season premieres on March 1 at 10 PM on FX.

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