Artie Lange Sentenced

After a December guilty plea followed by a series of delays, rehab stints, relapses, and recovery runs, was finally sentenced in Newark Superior Court today for charges related to a May 2017 arrest for possession of 81 decks of heroin. He has escaped jail time with a sentence of four years probation. He is also required to complete 50 hours of community service, and complete an outpatient drug treatment program, which he has 10 days to sign up for. He will also be drug tested during his probation. Failure to adhere to the conditions of his probation could land Lange in jail for up to five years.

“The ball’s in your court now, Judge Sivilli told Lange in court today, according to She told him that he’s getting too old for this and referred to recommendations from Lange’s doctors addressing the health risks of continued drug use.

Lange not only escaped jail time, but will be able to continue to work. He told the judge that absent that opportunity, he would not be able to survive financially. He also supports his mother.

Lange has a new book coming out in July and plans a press tour, plus he’s working on season three of HBO’s Crashing. He expects to be keeping busy in upcoming months, and Lange’s lawyer had asked the judge to consider his need to work, and his health problems in making her decision.

Lange has been posting on Twitter frequently of late including this morning prior to his sentencing, saying he’s been a good boy, and working on recovery. “I know. Wahhhh! Ur right we all got sob stories…” he wrote referencing his own comments. “Whatever the judge says I will do it like a man,” he tweeted.

“Cmon boys. Let’s go say a prayer for a kid who couldn’t run as fast as I could.”

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