Artie Lange Promises to Pay It Forward With Rehab Scholarship

Comedian Artie Lange is out of rehab, and after 28 days in a program, he is vowing to help others in need.  Last night on Twitter Lange posted an offer to those who want to get clean but can’t afford it.

Artie promised that starting this spring he will do two theater shows a month and donate the proceeds toward sending someone to rehab for that month.  He agreed to establish a list of those in need of treatment, and provide a full scholarship to the facility, moving on to the next person on his list each month.  And, he says, he will continue to do this for the rest of his life. The cost for a 30 day program, he says, is $30,000, and claims two theater shows each month will pay for the fund.

“Guys if u don’t have a way to pay for a month in rehab and Drugs are killin u tweet me and apply to get on my list,” he wrote. “If u get on list and it’s ur turn this fund pays for ur rehab.”

He’s calling the fund, Survive the Party with Artie.  To get on Artie Lange’s list, all you have to do is contact him on Twitter.

The theater dates are planned as part of a tour he’ll start this spring called the “Live to Tell” tour.

Now that Lange completed the month long program, he is back out performing frequently all over New Jersey and at New York’s Comedy Cellar. Tonight he’s appearing on  the Cellar’s podcast, “Live From the Table” where he will undoubtably go into more detail.  Lange’s latest visit to rehab came after he violated the terms of his parole by testing positive for drug use.

Lange still has to face a judge to deal with those parole parole violations. He was sentenced to four years probation back in June, and the judge said that sobriety was a condition of avoiding jail time on the original May 2017 arrest for drug possession.

He is scheduled to appear before the judge on Friday.

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