Artie Lange Goes On Strange Twitter Rant Two Weeks Ahead of Important Court Date

Everyone is rooting for Artie Lange to get clean, stay out of jail, and stay on comedy stages where he belongs, but things are staying pretty weird in Artie’s world.

Sunday afternoon, Lange went on an unexpected twitter rant, alternating between mocking his former co-host Anthony Cumia and apologetically saying he was kidding.  The weird stream of consciousness series of tweets come at a strange time. As far as we know, Artie’s supposed to be in rehab cleaning up after a relapse that could send him to jail.

Lange returned to rehab in November after he tested positive for cocaine and opiods– not once but twice in one month, violating his parole.  Lange checked himself into a 30 day inpatient treatment program in Pennsylvania after testing positive, but it appears he failed to complete the run.  According to Lange’s Twitter, his buddy the Reverend Bob Levy picked him up from Rehab on December 2nd.  He had announced sometime around November 6 that he would be checking into rehab, clocking him in at under a month in the facility with at least one furlough to perform at a comedy club in late November.

Lange’s strange social media behavior is particularly problematic in light of an upcoming court date- scheduled for December 14- to decide what consequences there will be for his violation of parole. He was already at risk of going to prison for testing positive for drug use, and if it turns out he didn’t complete that program, it could be difficult for the judge to continue to be lenient. Lange was sentenced to four years probation over the summer, with the condition that he stay clean.

According to Radar Online, Essex County Assistant Prosecutor, Tony Gutierrez was already expressing concerns that Lange was not taking his parole seriously, even before these latest events.  “While he was on probation, he should have already been in a program.” Gutierrez said. “But thus far he hasn’t shown that he is being serious or complying by the terms of his probation.” The Assistant Prosecutor had  recommended mandated long term treatment when Lange was sentenced to four years parole, expressing concerns that a 30 day inpatient program wouldn’t be enough.

Lange has also been posting that he’s post-rehab, and clean, and looking forward to upcoming club dates and the premiere of Crashing Season 3. He says he performed at the Comedy Cellar this week during a tv taping for This Week at the Comedy Cellar and posted photos.

Lange returns to court December 14. The tweets are posted below.



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