Artie Lange Arrested for Violating Terms of Drug Program

Multiple news outlets are reporting Artie Lange was arrested today for violating terms of his drug court probation. He was arrested at a halfway house in Clinton, NJ, and police officers brought him to Essex County jail. It wasn’t clear what the violation was, but police officers said Lange looked coherent and sober. A spokesperson for Essex County Prosecutors Office only revealed that Lange “was deemed to not be in compliance with the program.”

It was just a few days ago that video was posted on Twitter of comedian Artie Lange looking healthy and working at a gas station as part of the terms of his program. Prior to that, he had been filmed working as a garbage collector, also looking renewed and sober. His account tweeted out a video of that work in April, writing, “It’s true i’m working to satisfy my drug court program. I work with great people. Nothing wrong with a little hard work. Love you all and can’t wait to be back on stage.” 275,000 people have viewed that video in the last month.

Two days ago, just a day prior to this new arrest, he shared a photo working at the gas station holding a copy of Howard Stern’s new book. Although he hasn’t been directly accessing his social media account, he has had friends post on his behalf. “Pumping gas and reading Howard Sterns new book, which is great by the way” the tweet said. “I read in 2004 Trump interview with me there. I’m reading about the POTUS when a guy yells at me “ yo fill it with regular” lol, my crazy life!”

Lange looks remarkably improved from his December 15 court date which led to his current program with New Jersey’s drug court.

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