Arrested Development Gives Cast Extra Cash After AD4 Recut Release Sparked Discord

announced a big surprise! AD fans would get some new content via a recut of the entire fourth season. Superfans will remember that in order to accomodate the insane working schedules of the primary cast of the show (they’re all too famous and hard working to be available at the same time), the show focused each episode on only one member of the main cast. So there’s a Michael episode, a Job episode, and so on. The Hurwitz announcement explained that the shows crack editing team had recut those episodes into a chronological series, which would serve as a nice appetizer/teaser for Season 5 which is coming out later this month. Fans were ecstatic, bells were ringing and everyone was happy right? Not right.

The original 15 episodes were expanded in the recut to 22, and the cast didn’t get any extra scratch. THR reported that Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera and David Cross were kind of miffed and asking for added compensation. THR had learned that each castmember was paid $100,000 each for their stand-alone episodes, $50,000 for episodes where they had some screen time, and $25,000 for any episodes where they only had a momentary appearance. The seven new uncompensated episodes appeared to be a breach of that arrangement.

While initially 20th Century Fox had held to its position that they have the right to recut without compensation, the actors were likely more concerned with how the recut could effect any potential syndication deal down the line.

Today THR announced that the studio has agreed to pay the cast for the additional episodes as per their original agreement. The studio declined to comment on the deal.

The recut season four is streaming now on Netflix. Season five drops May 29th.

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