Ari Shaffir Ruins Skankfest 2018 Announcement

Skankfest Dates Announced!

Luis J. Gomez has announced the dates and venue for Skankfest 2018 in a big exciting media blast planned for midnight on Sunday night. Ari Shaffir couldn’t resist ruining Luis’ big moment by stealing the thunder and announcing the festival unceremoniously with a tweet Sunday night. Anyone who knows Ari, and knows Luis, knows this is hilarious and probably a perfect way to announce Skankfest.

It’s the third year of New York City’s rogue comedy festival, and expected to be the fests biggest yet.

Skankfest is Moving to Brooklyn

Among the major announcements released, the festival will take place July 13th, 14th and 15th.  After two highly successful years, he fest has outgrown its former home, so the bulk of the festival is moving to a new venue- Brooklyn Bazaar- which is three times the size of the fests former home at the Creek and the Cave. Gomez promises to have three stages running simulataneously, all under one roof plus karaoke rooms, pool tables, video games and more.  There will be parties and a few kick off shows at the Creek and the Cave on Friday night.

No performers have been announced just yet but the past 2 years have included headliners like Jim Gaffigan, Artie Lange, Doug Stanhope, Bert Kreischer, Reggie Watts, Robert Kelly, Ron Bennington, and so many more!

Skankfest was born in 2016, and made a name for itself as one of the rawest festivals in the country- with all the focus on talent, a single locale, and shows that reflected the skank philosophy- raunchy, uncensored, and fun. The brainchild of comedian and Legion of Skanks co-host Luis J. Gomez, The Creek and the Cave owner Rebecca Trent, and Bonfire executive producer Christine Evans, the festival had an explosive first fest in 2016, and expanded with additional nearby venues in 2017. Now, the team behind Skankfest is gearing up for the fest’s third year, and they are outdoing themselves again.

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Taking place from June 23rd – June 25th, the second annual Skankfest is looking to recapture the communal weekend-long party vibe that they had last year. Unlike other city-based festivals, which often lack cohesiveness due to their taking place across multiple venues, most of Skankfest’s shows will be held at the sprawling Creek and the Cave. The Creek is huge, with two stages, two bars, a restaurant and an outdoor patio, so it’s in the unique position of being able to host most of the fest’s events comfortably. Any events too large for the Creek will be held at the Gantry Loft, which is walking distance from the club. Seeing as how the Creek is the de-facto home base for the Legion of Skanks podcast, it’s only right that all of the Skanks gather there for a weekend of debauchery.

The organizers have only released a fraction of the total list of performers who are scheduled to make appearances, and already they’ve got an insane amount of talent lined up. Showcases, individual performers, podcasts and themed shows like the Naked Roast Battle mean that there’s something at Skankfest for everyone. Below is the list of shows and performers that have been announced so far.