Anthony Jeselnik Says Louis C.K. Touched His Material

Just when Louis C.K. was starting to feel the heat easing up a bit, another accusation comes from an unexpected source. He’s being accused of stealing material from another comedian, and this time it’s a bigtime headliner who is leveling accusations.

Anthony Jeselnik has made the claim that C.K. is using material he lifted from Jeselnik.

In an unusual twist on joke theft accusations (a twist that oddly parallels the sexual predator accusations), Jeselnik says, Louis asked for permission to put his hands on Jeselnik’s material.

Jeselnik claims that he was performing at the Comedy Cellar years ago, when C.K. complimented his set and asked if he could play around with some of Anthony’s set ups. C.K. said “I love watching you because I try to guess your punchline, and I come up with my own that works, but it’s different from yours.” According to Jeselnik, C.K. asked if he could try using some of those premises with his own punchlines on that same crowd. Jeselnik said he’d be honored, but assumed that it was a one time, one audience thing. But Louis liked the jokes so much he kept using them. Jeselnik became aware of it when he saw Louis on stage six months later: “I see him six months later at the Aspen Comedy Festival — and he’s doing the f - - king jokes!”

After headlines began appearing calling the fallen superstar a joke thief, Jeselnik clarified on twitter, that he didn’t see the move as theft. “Louis C.K. did not “steal” my material. He asked my permission to use a few set ups and it was an honor,” he wrote, adding more than a hint of displeasure with the phrase, “At the time.”

The remarks were made during a conversation at the 92nd Street Y in New York City speaking with Colin Quinn.

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