Andy Dick Film Director Responds to Being Ousted by Chicago Comedy Film Fest, Announces New Venue

Earlier today we reported that the documentary film “Everybody Has An Andy Dick Story” had been dropped by the Chicago Comedy Film Festival. Good news for fans of comedy docs, the film has found a new home and will be screened on Saturday November 11th at a rock and roll club called The Liars Club, and Andy’s live show at Zanies of Chicago is still on for Sunday November 12th.

The Chicago Comedy Film Fest had canceled the screening of the film based on some allegations made earlier this week about Andy that have been caught up in the Harvey Weinstein effect- statements that he licked someone’s face, had propositioned some members of the crew of a film, and allegations of groping. You can read their statement here. Dick emphatically denied the groping allegations and called the face licking nothing more than Andy Dick being Andy Dick. He admitted that he may have propositioned some people but insists that he did nothing amounting to harassment.

The film documents the life and strange behavior of Andy Dick, described as one of his generation’s legendary characters- an icon who has lived an outrageous life, spawning countless hilarious stories. The filmmakers spoke to friends, colleagues, and bystanders to share the stories through the decades.

In an exclusive conversation with The Interrobang’s Sara Dahms, the films creator and director Cathy Carlson defends the film and Dick himself. She says that the film does not glorify or romanticize Andy’s stories, but instead gives the full picture of an outrageous artist.

“My film is an artistic depiction of a man who is a comedic genius but has outrageous & ridiculous tendencies,” she told us. “This movie doesn’t glorify his behavior by any means but rather gives the full picture of a man/artist that I have known for 35 years… and he isn’t going away anytime soon!”

As far as the Chicago fests decision to drop the movie, Carlson says she understands they have the right to their own choices but noted that it took her less than 20 minutes to find another venue. “So, clearly not everyone feels the same way. I guess I’m confused by a community that nominated ‘The People v OJ Simpson’ for 22 Emmys, yet bans a funny documentary from a comedy film festival. I think we all need to laugh a little more!”

You can get tickets to see the film on November 11th at the Liars Club and get tickets to see the live event the following night at Zanies in Chicago with Andy Dick and Dino Samatopoulos and surprise guests telling their own personal “Andy Dick Story” live on the Zanies stage.

The film is also scheduled to screen at the New York Comedy Festival on November 10th at the Roxy Cinema.

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