Andy Daly Treats Conan to a Reading from Dalton Wilcox, The Cowboy Poet

Andy Daly could be wrapping up his Comedy Central show, Review, after its 3rd season finale. Even Andy’s not sure if the series is done or not, but on Conan on Wednesday night, he talked about his possible plans when Review is finally over.

Enter Dalton Wilcox, the Cowboy Poet. This is an Andy Daly character that has appeared on Conan before and now Daly is currently working on a script to let the Poet Laureate of West ride again, but in a longer form vehicle, whether that be a movie or TV series. Daly happened to have a cowboy hat handy and a book of Dalton Wilcox’s poetry ready to read. He treated Conan O’Brien to a poem about a lonesome cowboy. A very lonesome cowboy. You can enjoy it in the clips below and come to your own conclusions on what the poem’s cryptic meaning is about.

Also while on Conan, Andy reminisced about when he worked with Conan O’Brien back at NBC on Late Night and the dirty secrets behind a Late Night sketch he did with Rob Riggle that involved Daly getting a “swirly”. He also discussed the possible final season of Review on Comedy Central and all the things that his character Forrest MacNeil didn’t get to (and never will) review. Both Steely Dan and one fortunate baby should feel lucky that the series is wrapping up.

You can see Andy Daly, Thursdays at 10pm in the final (?) episodes of Review on Comedy Central.

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