Andrew Dice Clay Brought Guns n’ Roses Back Together


Iconic comedian Andrew Dice Clay has always been bigger than life, but now he explained that like the Machavallian character he is, he laid the groundwork for the upcoming Guns n’ Roses reunion at Coachella.

Dice called comedian and columnist Jeffrey Gurian this week, and told his friend that over a series of months he connected with Gn’R members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagen, as well as road manager Tom Mayhew and helped to grease the wheels to get the reunion underway.

Back in February 2015, Slash surprised the music world by tweeting @AxlRose wishing him a Happy Birthday. According to Dice, he helped make that tweet happen when he told GnR road manager Tom Mayhew, who he’s been friends with for nearly three decades that they need to get Slash to tweet something good about Axl.  Soon after, the infamous birthday tweet.

Dice says he’d run into Slash when he was performing in Australia and told Slash that Guns had millions of fans who would love to seem them get back together.  He also opened for Axl at the Hard Rock in Vegas, and told Axl that it was time for the band to get back together.  A few months later, Duff McKagen came to see Dice’s son’s band, previously known as L.A. Rocks, now Still Rebel. Dice says Duff told him Still Rebel was ready to break out. Dice, in return, mentioned to Duff that he thought Guns should get back together.

And now the band is set to reunite at Coachella and Slash and Axl will be on stage together for the first time since 1996.  So maybe it is just a coincidence, or maybe Dice really is the force that brought together the most sought after reunion of the year. So thank Dice, Guns N Roses fans. Cause he may have made this happen.

Gn’R and Still Rebel aren’t the only ones having a big year.  Andrew Dice Clay has a huge year ahead of him too, with a giant role in Scorsese’s Vinyl debuting February 14th on HBO, and a new Showtime series debuting on April 17th called Dice. Read more about Dice, his new series, and how he got the role in Vinyl and the more on the GnR story in Jeffrey Gurian’s Weekly Column out today.

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