Amy Schumer Says She’s Never Stolen Jokes and Would Take a Lie Detector Test

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Monday night, three comics tweeted that Amy Schumer lifted their jokes, and Tuesday we posted a story about the tweets. On Wednesday a video began circulating that compiled all of the jokes that were reference in the tweets.

Amy Schumer emphatically responded today on Twitter, saying she would never steal jokes.  She also went on Jim Norton’s advice show to clear the air and talk about the allegations for an hour, saying she was willing to take a polygraph test to prove she didn’t steal the jokes. Schumer addressed older accusations that she stole a bit from Patrice O’Neal, saying she never saw the bit.  She never saw Tammy Pescatelli’s special, and she said she never saw Kathleen Madigan do the “slap” joke that she was accused of stealing.  Schumer said “both Kathleen and Wendy know me and they don’t believe I would do that. I think this was Tammy’s trying to get something going.” She then explained where the ideas came from, for all the bits mentioned in the tweets.  Wendy Liebman who posted the original tweet that started the entire conversation has since tweeted that she never said Amy Schumer stole her joke, she just said Amy did the same joke and wanted it to be clear that she wrote it first.

Later in the conversation Amy explained why she blocked Tammy Pescatelli on twitter years ago. Amy seemed to blame Tammy Pescatelli for the trouble– although it was Liebman who posted the first tweet– and implied that Pescatelli is jealous of Amy’s success.

Amy also talked about the tweet she sent responding to 17 year old reporter Lights Camera Jackson that has been in the news, and talked about defending Kurt Metzger when people were calling for him to be fired, and took some phone calls and answered questions on the jokes, gun control and more.

So Amy says she didn’t steal any jokes and for the record we believe her. And we also respect all four of the women who are involved in the story.  You can listen to Schumer on Norton’s show, below.


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