Amy Schumer Says Inside Amy Schumer Is Not Cancelled

Despite some cryptic tweets yesterday, Amy Schumer has made news yet again with her latest tweet saying Inside Amy Schumer is not cancelled and Amy has not quit the show. “Comedy Central has provided us with a wonderful home,” Schumer tweeted, “and we couldn’t be happier there. I am just touring.”

The confusion came after a series of tweets yesterday discussing a controversy involving comedian Kurt Metzger.  Schumer got pulled into the controversy because Metzger writes for Inside Amy Schumer.  Or at least he did. Or maybe still does.  So going back to Schumer’s earlier tweets, murkily clarified by later tweets, it looks like the story is this.

Friend and show writer Kurt Metzger got into a controversy. Amy started taking some heat over it.  According to Metzger, he told Schumer to go ahead and say whatever she had to say to get out of the middle of the debate (even if it meant throwing him under the bus a little). Schumer vaguely posted that she was unhappy with Kurt’s actions, and later wrote that he doesn’t work for her, and doesn’t write for her show.  By that, it seems she meant “right at this moment he doesn’t write for my show” because the show is on a break and will be back after her huge gigantic tour, second movie and brand new bestseller get the chance to get some love.

We’re not sure if Schumer was just a bit confused and jet lagged (she just got back from Hawaii) or a brilliant social media strategist because she’s had everyone talking for 24 hours now, constantly scrambling to write new stories about what’s happening over a situation that really never involved her in the first place.  We’ve got three Schumer headlines at the top of our page and we’re on the low end compared to other publications.

Only one question left…when IAS returns, will Metzger still have a job there? Find out in 2017.


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