Amy Schumer Drops in On Defend Your Movie Podcast at NYC’s Fat Black Pussycat

Wednesday night at the Fat Black Pussycat in New York City, an unsuspecting crowd who had settled in for a live taping of the popular Defending Your Movie Podcast got a huge surprise- an actual movie star dropped in to talk movies with hosts Sean Donnelly and Andy Fiori.

The podcast, for those not already on aboard, is all about movies. On regular episodes, the hosts and guests defend unpopular movies, battle about which of two movies is stronger, and play movie-themed games.

Schumer showed up casual, and grabbed a chair and started talking movies with the guys. She may be a movie star now but she’s a comic first, going for the laugh every time. Amy talked about her favorite movies, and when the guys asked her if watching movies changes after you star in them, she apologized for what she called “boring talk” and gave a really interesting perspective about how things change. She also shared her “Flip Test” favorites– those movies that you will never turn off when you’re flipping through channels. Turns out Schumer can’t resist watching Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, “Overboard”, “Hocus Pocus”, and “Adventures in Babysitting.”

Schumer only stayed about 15 minutes, making way for the show’s other big guests- SiriusXM host and comedian Ron Bennington and Impractical Jokers star and comedian Sal Vulcano. The official topic was the relative merits of Halloween vs Psycho, but the conversation quickly turned to sharing stories of Halloweens and Hell Nights past, with some hilarious stories from all four comics about how they spent holiday in years past.

Bennington had a great time on the show that he described as “two guys who are so obsessed with every detail of the movies, I can only imagine they’re high when they watch them.” After the show he said his mom is a huge fan of the Beetlebung Farm Cookbook, “so she was thrilled I was on the same show as Chris Fischer’s wife.” But the highlight of the hour came from Sal Vulcano. “Sal told a story about how a scary movie stayed with him when he was a kid that was so hilarious, that I felt like I actually watched him turn into a ten year old boy on stage,” he said. “He’s got to put that story into his act.”

It’s a really funny hour and you’ll be able to hear it on iTunes soon; if you want to find which guest got turned on seeing Matt Damon with a pink backpack, which guest cheated to get more candy on Halloween, and which guest used a flashlight and an airhorn to scare the shit out of people on Hell Night, subscribe on iTunes to Defend Your Movie.

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