Watch Kurt Metzger Deliver a Shame Speech in the New Trailer for Comedy Knockout

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Some of our favorite stand up comedy friends are going to be competing on a brand new truTV show- Comedy Knockout this spring.  , , , and are just a few of the names we’re excited to see go head to head with one liners, captions, and more.

Comedy Knockout is a new game show that incorporates some of the best parts of shows like Joking Off, @midnight and even a touch of Impractical Jokers.  Stand Up comedians compete to deliver the funniest lines, and with the loser gets punished, by delivering a humiliating soliloquy announcing their shameful loss.

The reason why we’re so excited is the lineup.  So many of these names are people you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be a part of a comedy game show. Kurt Metzger writes for and just co-starred in ’s along with Liza Treyger.   is one of our favorite emerging comics in New York right now- he’s one of the names you might not know yet but you will and you will love him. is another rising star, who we first saw on MTV2’s Joking Off, and we are confident she is going to be a big star not only in comedy but on film and tv. Dave Hill who is one of the smartest sharpest guys in the business and we can’t wait to see him go head to head with some of the other names on this list.   hosts one of the hippest comedy shows in the city on Monday nights, and he’s already making lists of comedians to watch. went from being a member of the Colbert Show to the Nightly Show   is already known as one of the fastest comics working, , , , , , , , and are names you already know and love, and so do we, and that’s just the beginning.

Watch the brand new NSFW trailer for the series to see Kerry Codett, Kurt Metzger, and Monroe Martin deliver their shame speeches

It’s all hosted by Damien Lemon, and premieres April 21st on truTV at 10:30pm.

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