Always Be Nice to People…And Six Other Things We Learned When Louie Anderson Visited Ron and Fez


Louie Anderson started his career in 1981 by winning a local comedy contest.  That led to headlining gigs, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, specials on HBO, Showtime and other networks, hosting Family Feud, and even his own animated series– and he’s still going strong.  Last Friday Louie and fellow comedian Jay Mohr were guests on SiriusXM’s Ron and Fez Show, and here are seven things we learned from Louie Anderson.

First, and most importantly,  don’t commit suicide without calling someone first.  Louie talked about the time that he was so depressed he nearly killed himself– even going so far as to cock the gun.  “Just give yourself 24 hours if you’re going to do it.  And then at least promise yourself that you’ll call or reach out to one person—even if it’s a stranger—and talk to them.”

Second, nobody will replace Steve Harvey on the Feud.  “Steve Harvey will run it until the end of time,” according to Anderson.  Where do you go after Steve Harvey?  

Third, if you’re feeling really bad about having a bad gig, it helps to have Dolly Parton around.  Louie talked about having a terrible gig opening for Dolly in Atlantic City.  So if you ever find yourself panicking because an audience is just staring at you and you’re burning through twenty minutes of material in four minutes…Dolly will make you feel better with a simple “oooh you know Louie, don’t worry about that, that don’t matter.”

Fourth, if your buddy Jay Mohr panics cause his act is haunted by a ghost, just tell him the ghost likes him.  (more on that here).

Fifth, a giant mustache is known as a face salad.  That’s self-explanatory right?

Sixth, you never know how you can change someone’s life.   Like Jim Norton who walked into the studio to thank Louie for having Jim on his Comedy Showcase in Santa Monica, because without Louie, Jim never meets Dice, and without Dice Jim never meets Opie and Anthony.  And last, but not least,

Seventh, always be nice to people, as illustrated perfectly by the sweetest story Louie told about meeting Jay Mohr’s wife when she was only 7 years old, and helping her and her mom to get into a show taping. You never know if 25 years later you might walk into a studio where her husband is waiting to give you a bear hug and call you one of his favorite people in the world.

You can follow where Louie is, and what he’s up to on and on twitter @LouieAnderson.  Order the 25th Anniversary edition of “Mom, Louie’s Looking at Me” on his website. And you can join the movement to “get off the couch!”  On April 2, 3, and 4 you can catch Louie’s show in Las Vegas at the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

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