All the Cool Kids Are Trying to #SaveDave Hill

Comedian, writer, musician, actor, radio host, man-about-town and style icon Dave Hill has been suspended from Twitter for seven days, following a 30-day marathon of tweeting mom jokes at Trump supporters who engaged with him on the social media platform. The suspension is expected to last through Saturday, December 8th.

“I would tweet something or another at Trump, Trump supporters would tweet something back at me, usually about how I look like a woman or whatever, and I would happily take it from there,” Hill explained of his process.

Hill’s replies usually involved highly specific details about how he engaged in passionate, consensual sexual intercourse with their moms, and sometimes got into weird shit with their dads too. The tweets have since been removed.

“Twitter asked me to remove some and I just went ahead and got rid of all them as a preemptive strike,” Hill said. “I guess it’s kind of like how Tibetan monks make those beautiful sand mandalas and then completely destroy them afterward.”

Hill took to Facebook to announce his Twitter suspension.

“I have finally been suspended from Twitter for an entire week,” he said in a lengthy post. “Was it worth it? Sure. Am I a hero? Probably. But the important thing to remember here is that we all have a job in the #resistance. For some, it’s speaking out against injustice. For others, it’s getting people registered to vote. And for more than 30 days straight in the Fall of 2018, mine was telling Trump supporters I porked their moms, sometimes in the butt and often with their husbands filming and buying us pizza afterwards.”

Although Hill is temporarily suspended from Twitter, he will continue to offer his services of telling Trump supporters that he had sex with their moms on other platforms.

“If anyone needs me to tell a Trump supporter on Facebook that I porked their mom or even got up to some weird shit with their dad, I am more than happy to do so,” Hill said on Facebook.

A Twitter campaign has been launched to protest Dave’s suspension using hashtag #SaveDave. Emmy-nominated comedy writer Caissie St. Onge expressed her displeasure with the comedian’s suspension in a tweet:

“Guys, one thing that brings me joy in these dark times is @mrdavehill’s “Your mom” (& your dad) jokes, but some goober reported him & he’s suspended for a week. Why is the punishment for being a hilarious idiot swifter & harsher than for being a Nazi here? #SaveDave” –

The Ettes frontwoman and Merge Records recording artist Coco Hames also voiced her support for Dave in a tweet:

“#SaveDave the best and most important part of Twitter.”

After comedian Dave Anthony declared Hill’s suspension is “a digital crime,” fellow comedian Michael Ian Black got in on the #SaveDave action with:

“Your mom is a digital crime. #SaveDave”

In other news, Dave’s recently re-launched podcast Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident continues its run as the best podcast for you to listen to if you’re into that sort of thing, available for free on iTunes and wherever else incredible podcasts are found. Fans can show their support for the podcast by donating to its official Patreon, where patrons can gain entry into Dave’s street gang, The Dangerous Snakes Who Hate Bullshit, or even get a phone call from Dave where he sings the Billy Joel song of his choice. A full description of all incentives offered by the Patreon can be found here.


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