All New Season of The Infinite Monkey Cage Features Lisa Lampanelli, Joe Rogan, Eric Idle and Paul Provenza

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Fans of  The Infinite Monkey Cage have a reason to be excited. The new season of the hit podcast has already begun, and several episodes were taped right here in the US of A.

If you aren’t in the know about TIMC yet, you may have just found your new favorite way to pass a few hours. The award winning British Podcast pairs physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince with the result being some of the funniest science, and smartest comedy on the podcast circuit. Brian and Robin recorded the first four episodes of the season during their very first US Tour earlier this year, which means some familiar American scientists and comedians will be mixing it up with the guys. Lisa Lampanelli, Paul Provenza, Joe Rogan, Eric Idle, Bill Nye and Greg Proops are some of the guests being featured in the episodes which were taped in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The Infinite Monkey Cage combines your love of science, theory, philosophy and comedy and will finally give you something good to talk about on your next date, or all those nights you and your friends get way too high. Topics can go anywhere from “What Is Death,” to “What Happened Before The Big Bang,” and even “Are Pandas Overrated?” Listen to the hosts and guests talk about the Hadron Collider (or learn what the hell it is), and whether alien life could really exist. Hear from Richard Dawkins, Brian Greene, Patrick Stewart and Stephen Fry and more.


You can already grab July 6th’s episode taped at NYC’s Skirball Center with special guest Lisa Lampanelli and Tim Daly. We had planned to attend that taping ourselves but unfortunately a giant snowstorm kept us from attending.  Boo.

Episode Two, released today was taped in Los Angeles at the Ricardo Montalban Theater with guests Physicist Sean M. Carroll, comedian Joe Rogan, David X Cohen and Eric Idle to discuss everyone’s favorite topic, “Science Meets Hollywood: Science Fact vs Science Fiction.”

Episode Three drops on Monday July 20, 2015. A few members of team IBang made it out to the Athaneum Theater for the taping with paleontologist Paul Serano, discussing “Death Rocks: Fossil Records and other Archeological Hits.” Trust us, this is a better way to spend your time than spending 2 hours seeing Jurassic World.  SNL’s Julia Sweeney joins in.

Monday July 27th, you’ll be able to download “UFO’s Alien Probes and other Close Encounters” taped in San Francisco at the Palace of Fine Arts with Astronomer Seth Shostak, and comedians Paul Provenza and Greg Proops.

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