Adam Sandler Based a Movie on His Agent

’s latest pic for Netflix, “Sandy Wexler” is based on Adam’s agent, Sandy Wernick. Wernick, who has also managed , apparently is such a character, that Sandler (who has been doing an impression of him for years) finally decided to make a movie based on his personality. On Conan last night, Sandler did the impression, and told a few Wernick stories, including one where he tried to convince Adam to cross a cameraman picket line, but Sandler wouldn’t do it.

Sandler told many great stories last night, generating a ton of clips, including a great story about filming the dodgeball scene in Billy Madison. Apparently, Sandler got into the role a little too aggressively, upsetting parents.

But his best story of the night involved an invite to a Carrie Fisher party. Sandler met Fisher when he and Drew Barrymore were making the movie The Wedding Singer. Sandler said he got close with Fisher, who worked on the set, helping to punch up the script. “She has this famous party in town where everybody would come, all these giant celebrities.” At the time, Sandler was in his mid-20’s and just beginning to get famous. He admits he was “not really big enough to be at that party.” The first person he ran into at the party was Jon Lovitz who said to him, in full Jon Lovitz fashion, “Oh no. Look who’s been accepted.” Soon after arriving at the party, Sandler is spotted by Harrison Ford, who looks at Sandler, recognizing him, and walks over and asks him if he’s the guy from Billy Madison. Adam says yes, excited that this giant star is recognizing him, when Ford says, “I would love for you to come over to my house….and I would love for you…. to wash my car. My kids think you’re funny and it would be such a kick for them to see that.”

Sandler never mentioned whether he took Ford up on the offer. Watch the clips below. Sandy Wexler arrives on Netflix on April 14, 2017 and stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Hudson, , Terry Crews, Rob Schneider, , Nick Swardson, Lamorne Morris and .

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