Abby Elliott is Working on a Very Cool Pilot With Comedy Central

Abby Elliott is looking to follow even closer in her father’s comedy footsteps by bringing absurd comedy back to late night television. Comedy Central is developing a satirical late-night talk show with the team from Reductress (a women’s satire website for those unfamiliar), that will star Elliott as an in-character host.

Titled “The Reductress Hour” the series will take on the absurdities of womens news, and the world of entertainment news, taking on trending topics in the format of a fictional late night television show (shades of Larry Sanders).

Since 2013 Reductress has taken on female-focused cultural phenomena on its website, and has also launched a podcast and a satirical self help book, How to Win at Feminism: The Definitive Guide to Having It All- And Then Some!

The potential series will take on the absurdities of women’s news, trends, broader national subjects and entertainment television while tackling various issues of the week, original segments and field interviews. Elliott’s in-character host will embody the tone of women’s media and the Webby Award-winning site.

Elliott’s father, Chris Elliott famously helped usher in a new era of late night full of absurdities and satirical comedy as a writer and recurring character on Late Night with . Abby also followed in her famous father’s footsteps when she joined the cast of in 2008, fourteen years after her father was a castmember.

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