9 Comedians Tell Us Who They Want to See While They’re at Montreal’s Just For Laughs



This year we are up at Just For Laughs in Montreal mingling with all of the comedy greats and asking them plenty of questions. And the first question we asked is, while you’re here performing in Montreal, whose shows are you most excited to see? We asked ten comedians– Keith Robinson, Jeff Ross, Gilbert Gottfried, Mike Recine, Emma Wilmann, Kurt Braunohler, Faisal Butt, Thomas Middleditch, and John Dore — who are you going to see?

Whose Shows Are you Going to See While You’re in Montreal?

1 keith

Keith Robinson

“The event that I’d like to check out, well I’m going to see Chappelle of course, I’m going to see my young fella Kevin Hart. I’m not a part of those events but I feel like I’m a part of those events. So that’s what I really want to see. Kevin Hart, Chappelle and I almost forgot dumb Bill Burr. I want to see stupid Bill Burr too.”

1 jeffrey ross

Jeffrey Ross

“I want to see Jason Reitman’s live read, that sounds really cool. Big Lebowski is one of my favorite movies, and Jason Reitman is one of my favorite directors so I’d love to see that.”

1 gilbert

Gilbert Gottfried

“I can’t watch young comics. I’ve been doing it too long, so I just sit there and go, oh yeahhh that’s clever.”

1 mike recine

Mike Recine

“This roast battle seems cool, Bill Burr. I dont know, it seems like there’s a lot of scrubs here this year. I think I’m probably one of the best people, and I dont want to toot my own horn or anything. It is what it is.”

1 emma wilmann

Emma Wilmann

“Shit. Okay, I was just looking at this. Now, I’m not the person to quote on this. I wanna watch Nate Bargatze as much as possible cause I used to get to see him all the time in New York, now he’s in LA and I don’t get to see him as much. So I’m going to see him. I want to go watch the Variety 10 Comics. The event that I’m not a part of that I would like to be a part of the most would be the Variety’s Ten Comics to Watch. Absolutely.”

1 kurt braunohler

Kurt Braunohler

“I want to see Kindler’s state of the union and Kyle Kinane’s hour.”

 1 jon dore

Jon Dore

“I don’t look forward to shows that much as an audience member anymore. Chappelle. I’ll never get in, I won’t have time, but Chappelle. I’ve got to see Chappelle. Never seen him live before. I love the stories of Chappelle. Part of me thinks if i go see it I won’t have the legend in my mind. I’m big on legends.”


Faisal Butt

“That would be the Invitational Roastmaster hate on everyone event that’s happening here right now. Cause they’re vicious. And they’re lovely comics but they gotta be so horrible.”

 1 thomas middleditch

Thomas Middleditch

“uhhhhhhh (laughs). I’m kind of just only going to my own and then walking around and trying to find good poutine. When you do a ton of comedy you tend to not go out of your way to see other people’s shows. At least that’s how I do it. I’m sure real genuine comedians go and watch other people’s shows but I’ll see plenty at the shows I’m at.”

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