All Eight Living New Jersey Governors Come Together to Support….Comedy!

There aren’t many things that every living past present and future New Jersey Governors can agree on, but all eight politicians came together to support one thing. It’s a new show playing at New Jersey’s famed Paper Mill Play House called the outsider. All the former heads of the state pitched in to create this new promo for The Outsider. Described as a timely new play about American politics, centered on Ned Newly, the worst candidate to ever run for office. He’s an outsider, who knows nothing about how to govern. Sound familiar?

In the promo, Chris Christie, Phil Murphy, Christie Todd Whitman, Jim McGreevey, Tom Kean, Jon Corzine, Don Difrancesco and Richard Codey all ask “Who the hell is Ned Newly?” in a promo for the new show. I think outsider is a fancy word for “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing,” former Governor Christie Todd Whitman says in the promo. The promo directs viewers to website which describes the new play as a razor-sharp satire and an inspirational tribute to democracy. In the midst of a political scandal, Ned Newley, the ultimate policy wonk, is unexpectedly thrust into the position of Governor. Ned might be the worst candidate to ever run for office. Unless the public is looking for… the worst candidate to ever run for office!

The show begins its run at the Papermill on January 24th and runs through mid February and you can get tickets at

The Papermill playhouse is a regional theater that has won awards and accolades as one of the country’s premiere pre-Broadway venues. The building operated as a papermill beginning in the late 1700’s until a fire destroyed the original building which was rebuilt in the 1860’s. The historic site was converted into a playhouse in the 1930’s and has been thrilling audiences ever since, although another fire in the 80’s that burned the historic building to the ground necessitated a new building. The stage has been graced by some amazing talents, some before they were famous, some as celebrities, including Jane Fonda, Mike Nichols, Jean Stapleton, Shelley Winters, Tom Bosley, Eileen Brennan, Chita Rivera, Carol Channing, Gene Wilder, Eva Gabor, Betty White, George Hamilton, Bert Lahr, Dom DeLuise, Patrick Swayze, Jerry Stiller, Jason Robards, Anne Hathaway, and so many more.

Paper Mill Playhouse has established itself as a foundational pre-Broadway venue for new productions and a welcoming home for world-class theatrical revivals.

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