The 5: Five Netflix Specials I’d Drop Everything to Watch

Gianmarco Soresi is headlining the prestigious Breakout Artist Comedy Series at Carolines on Broadway this week.  A recent winner of the Moth StorySLAM, he will be writing and acting in a Funny or Die Exclusive later this year, and will be in ’s new TBS show The Last O.G. You can also watch the trailer for his upcoming comedy special Infinite Bris here! Catch Gianmarco headlining at Caroline’s on Wednesday 9/27.  This week’s The 5 comes from the mind of Soresi who envisions five Netflix specials he’s really like to watch once the streaming network runs out of superstars to spotlight.

Netflix recently rolled out its Netflix is a Joke campaign, boasting an impressive slate of upcoming specials including , Dave Chappelle, Jerry , and Ellen Degeneres. And, yeah, kudos. But here’s some specials would really get me logging into my sister’s Netflix account.

The Subway Seinfeld

I do not know this man’s name as there’s never been a host to introduce him, but he truly performs “all over New York”, from the A/C/B/D to the J/M/Z. A common comedian trope is discussing how broke one is, but nothing scratches the surface of:

“Man in that car over there told me I got old dirty clothes I said I might be homeless but these are name brand clothes I’m wearing. Name brand! I picked ‘em myself. Look at that: Central Park, Van Cortland Park, Washington Square Park.”

For many New Yorkers, nothing is worse than a subway performer but I’ll take this dude over a showtime dancer any day. If you see him, please give a buck, under different circumstances these level jokes could have gotten him on Carson back in the day.

Watch his set here.

BoJack Horseman

Shorties Watchin’ Shorties was a long time ago but those were based on human stand-up comedians. Has there ever been an entire special performed by a fictional character? The first page of my Google search says no! Who better than BoJack Horseman, voiced by Will Arnett, doing a -esque hour (all three under the Netflix umbrella). BoJack’s television career has certainly taken crazier turns. If successful, perhaps next a Roast Battle of all your cartoon favorites? Mickey Mouse vs. Bugs Bunny, Cartman vs. Bart, Snow White vs. The Seven Dwarves (roommates got mad dirt).

Kara Buller

I had the fortune of seeing Kara Buller in this year’s Cinder Block Comedy Festival and, aside from being an excellent comedian, I’m dying to see her open a special like this.

Tony Horton

They say laughter is the best medicine, but could it be the best exercise too? No. But Tony Horton of P90X fame began as a stand-up comic and as those who have done Plyometrics more than once know: this man needs an outlet. Pull a Seinfeld, nab the entire P90 series and lock him in for two specials.


My Dad

Please. He keeps pitching me jokes and sketches (he still calls them skits), in particular he wants me to write this one-man show called “My Wife’s Boobjob”, which he’s only described as “it’s about my wife’s boobjob”, made worse by the fact that said wife is my Step Mom. If Netflix could create some kind of DIY stand-up special maker it would also help with my next Father’s Day Gift.

That’s me. Just picture an older version.

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