The 5: Fare Thee Well, Steve Colbert, We Hardly Knew Yee

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It premiered on October 17th, 2005, and tonight, it finally come to an end. The Colbert Report will be filing its last show tonight and in case you didn’t know– you should be watching. Who knew nine years ago that a Daily Show correspondent would one day get his own show, and later he would take over for late night innovator, Mr. David Letterman. It’s been a wonderful, absurd, hysterical, run. A run that, in the hands of a lesser comedian, would never have lasted this long. We picked FIVE of the greatest moments that will undoubtedly be among the most missed segments of a soon to be legend of late night television. One Stephen Colbert.

#1  Better Know A District

This aired recently, on December 8, 2014; part one of a one part series. After all these years, Colbert made it to 94 out of 435 districts in America. The Colbert Bump was found to be all powerful. If Colbert shone his light on you, you were guaranteed reelection love. As the Report comes to an end, Colbert decided to Better Know a Country. That country? America.

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#2  Stephen Colbert Embroiled In A Late Night Fight

Late night hosts don’t take kindly to intrusions. When Conan O’Brien came into the late night game, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert weren’t taking any shit. No crossover has ever been more satisfying.Originally aired February 4, 2008.

#3 No One Loves Music Like Stephen Colbert

Last year, Daft Punk canceled on Colbchella 2013. Thank God Robin Thicke was able to step in with the song of the Summer to make everything right. Proving again the French are totally unreliable. Originally aired September 06, 2013.


#4 Is This Colbert’s Greatest Moment?

A lot of people would think so. Just four months before his death Where The Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak was interviewed by one Stephen Colbert (though barely in character). For those who are true Colbert fans, this was a moment that could not be missed. This two part interview was something to be remembered forever. Not to mention Stephen got a book plug out of it. That never hurts. Aired January 24 and 25, 2012.

#5 Want to Know How Stephen Colbert Worked His Charm Everyday?

If you’re looking for insights into the new show, this probably won’t be terribly helpful, but this podcast Stephen cut with Slate will certainly be insightful to any hardcore Colbert Report fans. If you want to hear how Stephen worked his magic everyday, give a listen to “How Does Stephen Colbert Work?”:

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