2018’s Funniest Viral Videos Countdown (Plus Bonus!)

Oh Viral Videos, how you cheer up our days. We can’t talk about television and movies around the water cooler anymore because thanks to streaming everyone is seeing things at different times. And the news moves too fast for any of us to keep up. But Viral Videos have saved water cooler culture. Thanks to Yanni and Laurel and dancing gorillas and people getting stuck in elevators, there will always be something for all of us to talk about at the dinner table. Having a shitty day? Just watch someone else having an even worse day. It’s a better pick me up than a trip to Starbucks.

This year we continued to have an unending stream of great videos to share. Luckily for you, the Interrobang has a great memory and has distilled an entire year of viral weirdness into 15 videos that are the best of the best. Last year we included a bonus section of Trumps 5 greatest gaffes recorded on video but this year there’s something crazier than Trump to talk about– his followers. It was the year of the shockingly racist white people video. More white people got caught on camera being blatantly racist, earning themselves nicknames that will brand them as such forever. Or at least till something nuttier comes along.

Animals, children, celebrities, whacked out white people – all ended up going viral before this year is done.

This is the perfect way to recover from your day-before-New-Year’s-Eve hangover. Enjoy and vote for your favorite. It’s true that there are no winners when it comes to YouTube, Live Leak and World Star, but vote anyway.






#1: Deer Nails In the Air Tonight

The person who put this together is simply a genius who probably listens to way too much Phil Collins.

#2: Little Boy Grocery List

When people say kids these days are lazy and unhelpful, just direct them to this young mans video and shut them up.


#3: Monk Pond

We’ve all heard the stories of the mystical abilities of the Shaolin monks but this dude proves it. He’s gonna have to try pulling off water to wine in 2019.


#4: Shark Tank Kids

These Shark Tank kids grabbed everyone by the heart this year after appearing on the show telling the story of their First Responder dad and his dream to get his cutting board on TV. It’s since totally sold out. These kids need to start putting a stand up act together ASAP to really capitalize.


#5: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga got caught coming off like a broken record on her media tour for A Star Is Born. We all know she’s gonna be an Oscar winner in 2019 so let’s hope she drops this line during her acceptance speech.


#6: Driver Whips Out Bank Drive Thru 

We may have lost Burt Reynolds in 2018 but thankfully his legacy lives on with this dudes questionable driving choices.

#7: Topless Kate Upton Meets Wave

Kate Upton, we’ll never forget you. Thank you for continuing to be so hot and risking life and limb for so many sexy photo shoots.

#8: Weirdo Racist White Guy



#9: Red Sox Banner 

These Red Sox fans captured the hearts of sports fans the world over with their nonsensical scheme of keeping a banner hostage that no one wanted back.




#10: Reporter Oversells the Wind

Weather reporters never seem to remember that when they’re on location, it isn’t a closed set.

#11: Prince Estate Releases Video

It’s a fire sale over at the Prince Estate now that he’s passed away. Though one of the great things to have gotten released is a video of Prince performing Nothing Compares 2 U.

#12: Alex Jones & Trans Porn

Alex Jones had a tough year in 2018 – he was deplatformed from pretty much everywhere but his site, InfoWars. But the real embarrassment came when he was caught with transexual porn on his phone, which he had to deny ever looking up. Sure, Alex. We believe you…

#13: Yanni/Laurel

For about three days the entire internet lost its mind listening over and over again to Yanni/Laurel. Whether you hear Yanni or whether you hear Laurel just know half the world is going to think you’re wrong.

#14 Drunk Girl 2 Pretty 4 Jail

Ol’ Booze Brain couldn’t keep it together long enough not to try to impress her arresting officer enough to let her go. She ended losing her job after this proving no matter how attractive you think you are you can still get a DUI.


#15: Elmo Dancing at Philly Trash Fire

Philly gets weird but this shit is David Lynch weird.

BONUS:  Racist White People Go Viral!

2018 was also the year of low key racist white ladies harassing and calling the cops on black people. Luckily for the internet they were all able to be given alliterated names which made everything a lot more fun for everyone involved:

Permit Patty

Cornerstore Caroline

BBQ Becky

Amusement Park Amanda

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