Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: May 25, 2019

Tonight, an entire summer of Saturday Night Live reruns kicks off with a repeat episode of SNL hosted by Emma Stone!

For many TV viewers, the official start of summer is tonight at 11:30pm et when Saturday Night Live starts airing repeat episodes until it returns live for SNL – Season 45 in late September, 2019. As usual, all of this summer’s SNL reruns will come from the previous season which just wrapped last week with the season finale hosted by Paul Rudd. Now all the SNL cast members, writers and directors go off to do their summertime vanity projects. As the cast members depart for their usually working vacations, the speculation arrives about what changes the next season of Saturday Night Live has in store for us. We get to start asking which performers and writers will return and what newcomers will earn one of the most coveted comedy jobs on television as an SNL cast member.

There’s been discussions that cast member Kate McKinnon is ready to become a full-time movie star now. Her standard 7 year SNL deal is coming to an end. Kate’s latest comedy movie, “Yesterday” where she co-stars alongside Himesh Patel and Lily James, is in theaters everywhere Friday, June 28th. Cast member Aidy Bryant who joined the show not long after McKinnon, released her new Hulu series “Shrill” this year and it’s available for streaming, but she said she expects to return to Saturday Night Live, but is taking it day by day.

Saturday Night Live‘s keystone Kenan Thompson now has “The Kenan Show” on NBC, a new family comedy where Kenan plays “a super dad to his two adorable daughters” and who fights to balance his family, his job and an over-bearing father-in-law. Kenan Thompson stated emphatically that he has no plans on leaving SNL after 16 seasons, which makes him the longest-tenured cast member in the SNL history. Kenan returning to Saturday Night Live for another year is the easiest of the SNL rumors to settle. As long as there’s a Saturday Night Live, he’ll be back. Be sure to visit the Interrobang all through the summer for the latest on Saturday Night Live updates and rumors.

Tonight’s first SNL repeat of the summer is hosted by Emma Stone and this episode is from just last month with an original air-date of April 13, 2019. This was Emma’s fourth time hosting Saturday Night Live and the odd part was that the always busy and always Oscar buzzing actor had no new movie or project to promote. Her next film is the horror-comedy sequel “Zombieland: Double Tap” and it isn’t due out until this October this year.

In this evening’s Saturday Night Live rerun, the writers avoided the usual Donald Trump-centric opening sketch which usually involves Alec Baldwin as the President and/or the SNL cast members playing people in his administration and orbit. Tonight’s cold opener is pulled right from headlines of that week when this show originally aired live on April 13, 2019. The intro sketch on tonight’s show is a parody of the MSNBC prison reality series “Lockup” and it takes place at the Chino Correctional Facility where we find a cavalcade of celebrity super-villains among the inmates. Tempers flare between inmates trying to top each other for baddest dog on the cell-block. The winner? Crazy Aunt Becky! It’s the centerpiece of the national college admissions scandal, Lori Loughlin played perfectly in a brown suit and librarian glasses by cast member Kate McKinnon. Other celeb inmates include cast members Pete Davidson and Melissa Villaseñor as porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti and rapper Tekashi69 respectively. Plus, there’s a bonus cameo in the cold open playing one of the well-known inmates which you can watch to tonight to be surprised all over again.

The 4-time host Emma Stone took the stage for her fourth SNL monologue by asking how many of the studio audience members were there for musical guest BTS, the first K-Pop group and the first Asian musical guests to perform on the show in its 44 year history. Emma Stone then did what a lot of the SNL – Season 44 hosts have been doing this past season, she talked about how her family enjoyed watching Saturday Night Live together when she was younger and who it was that first introduced her to the late night variety series. She then explained that her SNL hero has always been Gilda Radner from the original Saturday Night Live “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” cast.

During the monologue, Emma tried to skip the line one show ahead of her being inducted into the Saturday Night Live “Five-Timers Club” for those who have hosted the show 5 times. Even though she was hoping NOT to have a celebration for her fourth time hosting (hint hint), the cast scrambles to put together a make-shift celebration including a cameo who’s not really a cameo.

Looking at the sketches you’ll in tonight’s SNL rerun, in this repeat episode, host Emma Stone returns as one of her recurring characters from previous times hosting, the poster girl selected as “one of Maxim magazine’s 50 hottest girls from rural areas,” Krissy Knox. And she’s literally a “poster girl” as in a poster who has come to life to help a high school student (Pete Davidson) who’s having trouble studying for an upcoming history exam.

Emma Thompson also added another sketch featuring the women of “The View” to her SNL resume during this hosting gig. When she appeared on the Saturday Night Live version of “The View” in the past episodes, cast member Kenan Thompson played Whoopi Goldberg and Fred Armisen played the daytime talk show’s resident comedian, Joy Behar. In tonight’s “View” sketch, there’s no drag. Cast member Leslie Jones is in as Madam Whoops and Kate McKinnon brings it as SNL’s latest Joy Behar. This time, Emma Stone plays former “View” co-host Jenny McCarthy in a comical debate over children’s vaccinations that leads to even more in-fighting on the daytime show known for its inner-turmoil. The scene-stealer here is cast member Aidy Bryant as conservative panelist Meghan McCain, “the Princess of Arizona.”

Other sketches on tonight’s rerun include “Ladies Room“, a musical sketch featuring what goes on behind closed doors in a fitting room at Limited Express, a sketch featuring another home video from “the Ginger of Windsor” Prince Harry (cast member Mikey Day) shooting a Royal Family baby shower video for his future son (see if you can spot the Queen), and the show wraps with a sketch featuring some really bad Italian accents with cast members Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong as the Chalmers, makers of “Chalmers Reserve Event Wine,” the cheapest wine you can find for the final hours of your next big event.

The first of tonight’s SNL – Digital Shorts from tonight’s repeat Saturday Night Live is “Fashion Coward” featuring a new dull clothing line for women with such low self-esteem, they refuse to take any fashion risks and still dress like frumpy church matrons or high school boys. In the next short, Melissa Villaseñor shows off her hip-hop skills when she raps about her hobbies in “Hobby Song.” Makes you wonder where Pete Davidson was for this short? He usually handles the SNL – Digital Short duties, especially when a rapping cast member is needed. And a third short has Emma Stone as “The Actress“, a struggling actor who does a way too in-depth character study when she finally lands the part of “woman” in a low-budget gay porn. She’s plays the non-nude role of a wife who walks in on her husband with her godson. “Lube!”

The lead story on tonight’s edition of Weekend Update was the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Anchorman Colin Jost nails President Trump for his ridiculous response to Assange finally being brought in by authorities. WU news anchor Michael Che opens with some great commentary on President Trump’s threat to drop illegal immigrants off in “Sanctuary Cities” along both coasts. Other topics handled by the Weekend Update team include all the Trump Administration resignations, Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s plan for migrants, Tax Day, Disney’s new streaming entertainment service, Kim Kardashian’s plans to become a lawyer, the best place in the country to raise a family, a “Grease” prequel in the works, and of course, a new study on dolphin vaginas.

The Weekend Update news desk was visited by some of our favorite new Update recurring characters featuring Aidy Bryant as “7th Grade Travel Expert, Carrie Krum who has some Spring Break vacation ideas for families. Some of Carrie’s ideas include Boise, Idaho which includes such amenities as her “Grammie” and her step-Grandpa “PeePo” and Lake Erie aka “ice cold water that stinks.” Also at the desk with some romantic picnic tips for the warmer weather, it’s Instagram couple Nico Slobkin and Brie Bacardi (cast members Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner) who have a hilarious disagreement over which is their most liked photo. #flatearth

Unfortunately, there’s only one promo from Emma Stone hosting Saturday Night Live last month still available to show you. It’s below for you to watch. Maybe, there was some sort of agreement with the musical guest, South Korea’s BTS, that gave the other promos such a short shelf life. Who knows what goes on at NBC? They once thought it was a good idea to reboot “Knight Rider.” The SNL promo that we do have for you is a 15 second montage of Emma Stone’s previous 4 appearances on Saturday Night Live. You’ll see her doing it all, dancing, singing, character work and impressions.

Emma Stone hosts the first Saturday Night Live repeat episode of the summer, tonight at 11:30pm et with musical guest BTS on NBC!

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