Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: March 23, 2019

Tonight, Saturday Night Live wraps up its spring break hiatus with a repeat episode starring host and musical guest, Halsey!

SNL took a couple of weeks off and returns live next Saturday, March 30th, but tonight, the show finishes its two week intermission between live shows with a repeat of one of the best episodes so far during SNL – Season 44. Tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat is an encore presentation of an episode from only 6 weeks ago. It originally aired Saturday, February 9, 2019.

The interesting thing about tonight’s SNL rerun is that even with singer / songwriter Halsey pulling double-duty as both the host and the musical guest, she really didn’t do anything comically memorable. She kind of blended into the sketches. The writing on tonight’s SNL took the starring role with the host being part of the supporting cast. And since nothing special or unique had to be written for Halsey, nothing in the sketches was forced and it allowed the fun nature of Saturday Night Live to shine through in this episode.

This evening’s cold open went in a slightly different direction for Saturday Night Live. Yep, it was still political, but Alec Baldwin wasn’t there to play President Trump. In fact, Trump wasn’t even the topic of the cold open, which is a rare thing for SNL and another reason to catch this episode all over again tonight at 11:30pm on NBC. The opener is a parody of “Meet the Press” with Kyle Mooney getting the lead role as NBC News moderator Chuck Todd. He’s joined by fellow cast members Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong as MTP regulars, Eugene Robinson from the Washington Post and Peggy Noonan from the Wall Street Journal respectively. Cast member Leslie Jones also appears as Democratic strategist and former DNC chair Donna Brazile. The topic of discussion in the cold open was the news story from last month that the National Enquirer was allegedly blackmailing Amazon chief Jeff Bezos with dick pics of his that they were threatening to leak to the world. Probably shouldn’t use the word “leak” while discussing dick pics. The cold open pundits are all overly interested in the possibility of Bezos’ package being revealed to everyone with the exception of Jones’ Donna Brazile who can’t seem to get on board with the conversation.

Halsey’s monologue in tonight’s SNL repeat is just a few quick and sweet remarks. She talked about her music, being from Jersey and like a lot of the first-time hosts this season, she brought up how much she loved SNL as a kid and how hosting is a dream come true. Halsey also offered her appreciation for all the women of Saturday Night Live over the years by saying, “I especially admired the women on this show. They never cared what they looked like, what they sounded like, or what anybody thought of them—they were just funny.” You can’t go wrong as a host when you show the legendary female Saturday Night Live cast members some love.

Since tonight’s repeat episode wasn’t all about Halsey, you may be wondering what was the show about? You’ll see tonight, that it’s “blackface”. This episode took place at the height of the blackface scandal that happened in the commonwealth of Virginia. You may remember that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was facing pressure to resign over a medical school yearbook photo from 1984 that may or may not be him in blackface. Upon further investigation, it turned out that Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring also appeared in blackface back in 1980 when he was 19. It probably doesn’t need to be explained that the 80s weren’t exactly the time when minstrel shows were at their entertainment peak. The scandal made its way all through tonight’s episode from sketches to Weekend Update.

One sketch you’ll see tonight involving blackface is called “State Meeting.” In the sketch, Kenan Thompson plays the state ethics officer who has to explain to a clueless all white meeting room what’s offensive and what isn’t when it comes to white people wearing blackface. Here’s a hint. It’s all offensive.

Other sketches you may want to experience all over again on this evening’s Saturday Night Live repeat include “Parents Call” where cast member Mikey Day goes through the nightmare of being an adult and getting a call from your parents at work. Halsey and cast member Beck Bennett play the parents who put an emphasis on the unimportant stuff while trivializing the urgent matters. Later on SNL, Kenan Thompson steals the show (once again) in a restaurant sketch about a guy named Maurice, a family man who has some new found fame. He’s picked up a new hobby that is too hysterical to tell you about in a rerun preview. Then watch for a new character from cast member Pete Davidson in a sketch called “Riverdale.” Pete introduces us to Lionel Rodgers, an actor specializing in playing corpses. To be more specific, an actor who plays corpses that annoy directors. Hopefully this will be a recurring character for Pete. The sketch comes at the end of the night where you may be laughing because either you’re tired or maybe because it’s so out of character for Pete Davidson to play an actual character on SNL where we’re used to seeing him playing himself at the Weekend Update desk talking about his very real love life.

There’s a moment  on tonight’s show where cast members Kenan Thompson, Ego Nwodim, Leslie Jones, and Chris Redd all take the stage as themselves to talk about Black History Month and those trailblazers creating African-American achievements in America. The moment is hijacked by two of the whiter SNL cast members.

Tonight’s SNL – Digital Shorts offer up a new episode of “Them Trumps” starring Kenan Thompson as President Darius Trump in a black version of the current White House administration. The episode is entitled “State of the Union” and the first family and the President’s top aides find themselves in trouble when the presidential limo gets pulled over on its way to the Capital for the SOTU, by cops who don’t seem to care that the black president isn’t even the one driving.

Another digital short on the bill tonight is “Women of Congress” which is a promo for a new crime fighting series featuring the might of a newly elected Democratic Congress featuring Nancy “Madam Clapback” Pelosi played by Cecily Strong, with Melissa Villaseñor as Alexandria “I Say What I Meme” Ocasio-Cortez and Halsey as Representative Rashida “Impeach the Motherf—er” Tlaib.

The third SNL – Digital Short involves some unwanted romance. Since this is SNL‘s Valentine’s Day episode, the show includes a music video short with cast members Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon joining host Halsey in a sexy number where the trio sing about those awkward Valentine’s Day gifts that come from parents, children, co-workers and other people in your life who aren’t romantically involved with you, but still insist on celebrating a day for lovers. Ewww.

Tonight’s Weekend Update handles everything in the news with its usual comedic brilliance. Anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackled Virginia’s problem with its elected officials having pasts that include blackface. The SNL newscast continues with comments on other racial issues like Gucci’s “Sambo sweater” and Liam Neeson’s own racial scandal. Jost and Che also talked about the State of the Union speech and Trump’s tax returns.

The Weekend Update news desk is a crowded place on tonight’s repeat. Melissa Villaseñor gets to debut her Lady Gaga impression. Heidi Gardner and Mikey Day appear as characters Brie Bacardi and Nico Slobkin talking about their shared social media account and how that doesn’t always help a relationship. And cast member Alex Moffat is back as his recurring Update character, “Guy Who Just Bought a Boat” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

We have the promos for tonight’s repeat episode of Saturday Night Live for you to watch below. In the first promo released, we see the many hats that many Halseys will have to wear tonight as both host and musical guest. In the next set, Halsey is joined by cast member Aidy Bryant who is ready to show her wild side and we learn that Halsey isn’t the only one with more than one responsibility this week.

Tonight, enjoy a Saturday Night Live repeat with host and musical guest Halsey at 11:30pm on NBC.

Next Saturday, March 30th, SNL returns live across all time zones with host Sandra Oh and musical guest Tame Impala!

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