Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: July 22, 2017

Who is Hosting tonight?

Saturday Night Live’s cast and crew are in the middle of their Summer break and working on separate projects until that Fall school bell rings and it’s back to work on SNL. However you are in luck. Tonight at 11:30pm, NBC airs an encore presentation of an episode from this season starring host Emma Stone which was originally taped live on December 3, 2016. This was Stone’s third time in the SNL hosting position. At the time that the episode was originally broadcast, Emma Stone was promoting her film, La La Land. She was on her way to an Oscar nomination in January and a big, big win in February for her role of struggling actress, Mia Dolan.

This may be one of SNL head honcho Lorne Michaels’ favorite episodes from Season 42. That’s for two reasons. First of all, this is the second time that Episode #8 of the season has aired as a repeat. The first time it reran was February 25th of this year. Also, this is the episode that riled up the new President-Elect of the United States so much, that he couldn’t resist tweeting about how “unwatchable” Saturday Night Live had become this season.

As you can tell from the President-Elect’s above tweet, Alec Baldwin make a guest appearance as the nation’s brand new Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump. Baldwin appeared in the cold open with Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway who had made the move from campaign manager to the White House adviser who was desperately trying to get President Trump to take a security briefing seriously and get his Twitter habits under control. The cold open also featured Pete Davidson, Kyle Mooney and Bobby Moynihan as Twitterers who are lucky enough to get a retweet from Trump and also Kenan Thompson and new featured player, Alex Moffat as security briefing officials.

Other highlights from the episode included a double cameo by Jennifer Aniston. On Weekend Update, Vanessa Bayer was doing her Jennifer Aniston impression, talking about 90s nostalgia, when she was interrupted by the real thing, asking, “Vanessa, what are you doing?”. Aniston also appeared in a sketch featuring female actors in Hollywood with Kate McKinnon reprising her character, aging former actress, Dabette Goldry.

Also, watch for a digital short called “The Christmas Candle” featuring Aidy Bryant on lead vocals and starring the host and all the ladies of SNL. Emma Stone had a monologue which fell more on the adorable side rather than the funny and the rest of the episode wasn’t all that memorable. In fact, if the then-President-Elect hadn’t tweeted about it, this show may not have found double rerun status.

The promos for the episode included one which was a lightning fast montage of Emma Stone’s prior SNL appearances, one parodying La La Land where Emma Stone is experiencing trouble with the 30 Rock elevators and one with cast member Kenan Thompson and musical guest for the evening Shawn Mendes where the three pick Secret Santa names.

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