Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: July 13, 2019

Tonight, relive history being made all over again with a Saturday Night Live repeat hosted by Awkwafina!

Back when tonight’s encore episode of Saturday Night Live originally aired on October 6, 2018, it was only the second show of SNL – Season 44 and more importantly, it was only the second time that an Asian-American woman had hosted the show in it’s 44 year long history. In this episode, Awkwafina, the sensational rapper, actor and comedy personality knocked Lucy Liu out of the record books as the only Asian-American female to do it. Liu had hosted SNL in 2000. Later in this past season, it looked like SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels had learned his lesson because a few months later, he brought in another woman of Asian descent, Sandra Oh, to host the show. But that’s a story for another rerun.

Tonight’s repeat SNL is all about Awkwafina who had about as good of a 2018 as a person could experience. You remember how shitty 2018 was for Trump’s fixer / lawyer Michael Cohen? Think just the opposite and you’ve got Awkwafina’s year. In June, 2018, Awkwafina, who had years earlier burst onto the music scene with the comedic hip-hop video “My Vag“, released her latest music EP “In Fina We Trust.” Then also in June, 2018, her film career was launched into orbit with first, the release of “Ocean’s 8“, the action-comedy remake with a star-studded female cast and then in August, 2018, ‘Fina appeared in the sleeper rom-com hit of 2018, “Crazy Rich Asians.” Awkwafina stole scenes left and right in both comedy movies, putting her film career on the map. Then along came October, 2018 and she was hosting Saturday Night Live! Not bad at all.

The SNL – Cold Open for tonight’s repeat episode went heavy into politics. It took place in the mythical (let’s hope it’s just mythical) GOP locker room at the U.S. Capitol Building, with a sports-style victory party complete with goggles and champagne. The Republicans were cheering themselves on in the SNL opener because President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had survived his Senate vote and had been confirmed to the High Court. The highlight of this SNL – Cold Open is cast member Beck Bennett’s political impersonation (and there’s plenty in this sketch) of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Bennett is spot-on bringing those Kentucky jowls to life. In bipartisan fairness, on the other side of the aisle, cast member Alex Moffat’s impersonation of New York Senator Chuck Schumer is equally brilliant tonight.

Looking fantastic in a black velvet suit, Awkwafina takes the stage for her SNL monologue which includes shout outs to her grandma in Queens and then she reviews the year she’s been having. Awkwafina explains that despite starring in “Crazy Rich Asians“, she’s not close to being one. She’s buying her underwear in “12 packs from CVS.” We get a quick bio about Awkwafina during the monologue that includes an impression of her father, an old guy from Queens. We know what that sounds like. There’s one in the White House. The rest of the monologue will have you grabbing a tissue if you’re a sucker for empowerment stories and shout outs to Lucy Liu. “I love you Lucy Liu! Be my friend!”

This evening’s encore SNL is worth staying up for and watching again just for one sketch tonight called “So You’re Willing To Date a Magician.” It’s hilarious despite cast members Leslie Jones and Pete Davidson trying to take the audience out of it with their 4th wall breaking laughter. Host Awkwafina plays a woman who has decided she no longer has any standards in her dating life so she goes on a “Love Connection” style TV game show to win a date with a magician. Each suitor is a different kind of illusionist. Cast member Kenan Thompson is a low-budget slight-of-hand magician who is so down-and-out that he needs the card back that he just asked you to select. Cast member Kyle Mooney is a steampunk era escape artist in the tradition of Houdini. Cast member Pete Davidson is a “body endurance artist,” much like David Blaine. And cast member Alex Moffat is a David Copperfield illusionist who is too friendly with his assistant / sister. You’ll understand why two of the cast members are breaking character and laughing tonight while watching the comedy heroics of Kenan Thompson.

The sketches open tonight with a “Hip-Hop Dance Battle” sketch where Awkwafina and her crew compete using popular TV game show themes. Her musical guest for tonight, Travis Scott, joins in on the sketch to the delight of the audience. There’s also a History Channel sketch called “Hidden Tales of Egypt” which takes place in the time of Cleopatra who is played by cast member Cecily Strong. The ancient Egyptian empress undergoes a very modern makeover thanks to her sassy stylists, Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson. And in a very goofy sketch tonight called “Baby Shower“, Awkwafina plays an overly aggressive, uninvited guest at the shower who has the other guests on edge.

In the last sketch tonight, cast member Kate McKinnon brings back one of her more popular recurring characters, aging, retired Hollywood starlet Debette Goldry in the return of the “Film Panel” sketch. In tonight’s “Film Panel“, Cecily Strong impersonates Marion Cotillard, Heidi Gardner does her Allison Janney impression and host Awkwafina plays Sandra Oh along with moderator Aidy Bryant as they discuss the topic of sexual harassment in the film industry called “Me Too. Year Two. How We Doin’ Hollywood?”

On tonight’s repeat Weekend Update, anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che are all about the confirmation of Donald Trump’s sometimes crying, sometimes screaming, always beer loving Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Jost and Che cover every possible aspect of Kavanaugh’s confirmation including his Senate testimony, his letter to the Wall Street Journal, the pathetic FBI probe, the Democrats’ handling of the situation and the President’s reaction to all of it.

Other topics covered on by the Weekend Update news team tonight include the then-upcoming mid-term elections and how the Dems should handle them, a New York Times report on the actual (and much larger) amount of cash Donald Trump’s dad gave him to start his businesses, Florida’s campaign to restore voting rights to released convicted felons, a gender reveal party gone wrong, a line of “Game of Thrones” whiskeys, gay penguins committing a penguin crime in Norway, and Starbucks’ problem with drug abusers’ hypodermic needles.

The First Sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, played by cast members Mikey Day and Alex Moffat, drop in on the Weekend Update news desk in tonight’s repeat episode to talk about the mid-term elections. And staying political, Weekend Update gets a report from “Resident Young Person Pete Davidson” about the pro-Trump political rant that musical guest Kanye West went into on the previous week’s SNL (on September 29, 2018) after the show had gone off the air.

There are three SNL – Digital Shorts to enjoy in this evening’s rerun. The first short is about something you may remember happening. It’s about when Donald Trump’s Presidential Alert System went off and didn’t quite reach everyone the way it should have across the country during its test. The SNL – Digital Short is called “Emergency Alert” and it’s for an alert system that sends the President’s inane tweets to everyone in the nation.

The next short is called “Ted Cruz Rally” and it’s a look at the Texas Senator (Beck Bennett) trying so hard to appear likable during his campaign against Democrat Beto O’Rourke. Unfortunately, every thing that Senator Schleprock does to try to endear himself to the people ends in disaster.

The final SNL – Digital Short of the night is called “Pumpkin Patch.” This short will be a little more on the disturbing side for some people. It features Mikey Day as a pumpkin farmer who finds out his pumpkin patch employees have been using the inventory for sexual gratification. You’ll never look at a jack-o’-lantern the same way, and maybe, it won’t look at you the same way again either.

In the SNL promos which you can watch below for tonight’s repeat Saturday Night Live, your host Awkwafina is ballin’ with some cash and champagne as she enters Studio 8-H. SNL‘s Beck Bennett is trying to keep up, but needs some help from featured cast member Heidi Gardner. In the next set of promos, Awkwafina and musical guest Travis Scott are joined by cast member Cecily Strong who’s ready to rap and ready for “Rocktober” which she quickly regrets.

Awkwafina hosts tonight’s encore presentation of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Travis Scott at 11:30pm on NBC!

Saturday Night Live returns live this fall for its 45th season!

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