Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: August 11, 2018

Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot brings an SNL girl-on-girl kiss to tonight’s repeat!

That first line should have enough people tuning in to Saturday Night Live at 11:30pm tonight on NBC, so that you don’t need more information, but we’ll provide some anyway. Gal Gadot, the star of “Wonder Woman,” the sole DC Comics / Warner Bros movie to receive positive reviews and perform beyond expectations at the box office, hosted the second episode of SNL – Season 43 which aired October 7, 2017. With her movie success, the former Israeli model was a perfect choice to be a first-time host of Saturday Night Live this past season.

With Wonder Woman hosting the show, it was no surprise that tonight’s repeat SNL includes a sketch about the Amazing Amazon. In sketch that you’ll want to rewatch tonight Gal Gadot appears as Diana at her home of Themyscira, a hidden island populated with fierce women warriors. Two visitors arrive via rowboat to Themyscira. The strangers are Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon who do not exactly tip-toe around their same-sex attraction to Diana aka Wonder Woman and her sisters. Watching their efforts to recruit the Amazons to their team and seal it with a kiss, is definitely worth a second-watch tonight.

Unfortunately, not everything on tonight’s SNL was all sketch comedy and lesbian kisses. The SNL – Cold Open from tonight’s repeat dealt with some very serious subject matter. Less than a week before this SNL episode aired, the worst mass shooting perpetuated by a lone individual in U.S. history occurred in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest music festival. 58 people were killed and well over 800 injured when a gunman started shooting concert goers from a hotel room window high up in the Mandalay Bay hotel. Saturday Night Live paid tribute to the victims of this horrendous attack by having Jason Aldean, the country singer who was performing on stage when the shooting happened, open the show with a song. Aldean sang “I Won’t Back Down“, to make this a double-honor, both for the shooting victims and for the late music great Tom Petty who died this same week. Petty had been a musical guest on Saturday Night Live 8 times throughout the show’s history.

The recent gun violence was the lead story on this repeat episode’s Weekend Update. Hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che maneuvered perfectly through this tragedy to find some actual comedy in the Las Vegas shooting news story. Jost took on the people in the country that are dead-set against any sensible gun control by comparing it to a dildo law in Texas. Meanwhile Che hilariously covered the people who hide behind the 2nd Amendment and feel a ridiculous sense of false safety if they eventually have to take on the U.S. government. The shooting being in the news didn’t save President Trump from any comedy misery at the hands of Jost and Che this week. They talked about his trip to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and his embarrassing and less-than-presidential moment of throwing out rolls of paper towels to the disaster victims. The news desk also covered transgender protections in the country, the end of AOL Messenger, the world’s heaviest woman, birth control, sex with robots, OJ Simpson’s trip to McDonald’s and National Sarcasm Month. Also dropping by Weekend Update in tonight’s repeat are Kate McKinnon as one of SNL fans’ favorite characters, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Pete Davidson who let the world know he’s depressed.

First-timer Gal Gadot handle her hosting duties admirably by delivering a bilingual monologue. Not a lot of hosts can pull that off. She spoke to the people in her home country of Israel who had to be thrilled not only by the hometown-girl-makes-good host Gal Gadot, but also for the first time, Saturday Night Live was airing live in Israel. Mazel tov!! Being a first-time host, Gal Gadot did take advantage of the “Cast Member Save” where a cast member comes out during the monologue to assist the host. In tonight’s case, it’s cast member Leslie Jones who takes the stage dressed as Wonder Woman. Leslie is taking her inspiration from Gal Gadot and using it to take money from German tourists in New York City who want to take a photo with her.

Besides the “Themyscira” sketch, another sketch that had people buzzing on social media was one titled “First Date“. It featured host Gal Gadot as a foreign woman out on her first Bumble Date with a man she didn’t realize was so well-known because she didn’t see any American news footage in the 90s. This was a relief to her date who turns out to be OJ Simpson, fresh out of prison and played to his funniest by cast member Kenan Thompson. Other sketches included a look at the new reality shows coming to the E! Network featuring Gal Gadot as Kendall Jenner. She also plays a spy in a sketch about federal agents trying to make contact online with an international operative, but instead intercept the signal of some pickle-eating cam-girls played by Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong. There’s also a sketch tonight called “The Maiden and the Mice” where Gal is a Cinderella-type character in a fairy tale who is not too appreciative of the dress her mouse friends have made for her. Also watch for a sketch called “The Naomi Show” where Gal Gadot plays a daytime talk show host and cast new-comer Heidi Gardner steals the scene playing an out of control teenager. It’s a prime example of why in future seasons, Saturday Night Live is going to be the Heidi Gardner show.

The SNL – Digital Shorts tonight include a parody of the Safelite commercial which will have you more scared than feeling secure, plus in a new short, it’s the return of Pete Davidson’s “Chad” character. This time Chad finds himself inside one of his favorite video games. “O-kuh.”

In the first of the promos for tonight’s Saturday Night Live replay, cast members Beck Bennett, Leslie Jones and Mikey (Markey) Day are waiting for host Gal Gadot who arrives in full Wonder Woman style. In the next set, Gal Gadot and musical guest Sam Smith are joined by Kenan Thompson who is flirting with one of them. Maybe it’s the one who went to high school with him.

Gal Gadot hosts a repeat of Saturday Night Live (OAD- October 7, 2017) with musical guest Sam Smith, tonight at 11:30pm on NBC.

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